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Music video by Glen Campbell performing Adiós.


B.C. to end grizzly bear trophy hunting after this season

About 250 grizzly bears are killed in B.C. each year by hunters, according to the provincial government. Hunting the bears for meat will still be allowed outside the Great Bear Rainforest. (Mathieu Belanger/Reuters)

 Lisa Johnson, Bethany Lindsay - CBC News

B.C's new NDP government is ending the province's controversial grizzly bear trophy hunt, saying British Columbians can no longer stomach the killing of grizzlies as trophies.
The ban will take effect Nov. 30, 2017, throughout the province — after this year's season, which opens Tuesday in the Peace River region, and later elsewhere...

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The Church "Under The Milky Way"




"The Eyes of that Species of Extinct Giants ..." - Abraham Lincoln

Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 2.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

 Niagara-Falls! By what mysterious power is it that millions and millions, are drawn from all parts of the world, to gaze upon Niagara Falls? There is no mystery about the thing itself. Every effect is just such as any inteligent man knowing the causes, would anticipate, without [seeing] it. If the water moving onward in a great river, reaches a point where there is a perpendicular jog, of a hundred feet in descent, in the bottom of the river,---it is plain the water will have a violent and continuous plunge at that point. It is also plain the water, thus plunging, will foam, and roar, and send up a mist, continuously, in which last, during sunshine, there will be perpetual rain-bows. The mere physical of Niagara Falls is only this. Yet this is really a very small part of that world's wonder. It's power to excite reflection, and emotion, is it's great charm. The geologist will demonstrate that the plunge, or fall, was once at Lake Ontario, and has worn it's way back to it's present position; he will ascertain how fast it is wearing now, and so get a basis for determining howlong it has been wearing back from Lake Ontario, and finally demonstrate by it that this world is at least fourteen thousand years old. A philosopher of a slightly different turn will say Niagara Falls is only the lip of the basin out of which pours all the surplus water which rains down on two or three hundred thousand square miles of the earth's surface. He will estim[ate with] approximate accuracy, that five hundred thousand [to]ns of water, falls with it's full weight, a distance of a hundred feet each minute---thus exerting a force equal to the lifting of the same weight, through the same space, in the same time. And then the further reflection comes that this vast amount of water, constantly pouring down, is supplied by an equal amount constantly lifted up, by the sun; and still he says, ``If this much is lifted up, for this one space of two or three hundred thousand square miles, an equal amount must be lifted for every other equal space, and he is overwhelmed in the contemplation of the vast power the sun is constantly exerting in quiet, noiseless operation of lifting water up to be rained down again.

But still there is more. It calls up the indefinite past. When Columbus first sought this continent---when Christ suffered on the cross---when Moses led Israel through the Red-Sea---nay, even, when Adam first came from the hand of his Maker---then as now, Niagara was roaring here. The eyes of that species of extinct giants, whose bones fill the mounds of America, have gazed on Niagara, as ours do now. Co[n]temporary with the whole race of men, and older than the first man, Niagara is strong, and fresh to-day as ten thousand years ago. The Mammoth and Mastadon---now so long dead, that fragments of their monstrous bones, alone testify, that they ever lived, have gazed on Niagara. In that long---long time, never still for a single moment. Never dried, never froze, never slept, never rested...;view=fulltext

Nicholas Winton was responsible for saving the lives of 669 children form the Nazis

Nicholas Winton was responsible for saving the lives of 669 children. He never spoke of this episode in his life and certainly did not think of himself as a hero  © 2011 Yad Vashem The Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority.

Nicholas Winton was born in London in 1909 of German-Jewish parents. As an adult he became a banker, working initially in Hamburg, Germany and then Paris, before returning to Britain as a stockbroker.

In December 1938 Winton was due to travel to Switzerland for a skiing holiday. A friend who was involved in Jewish refugee work in Prague, Czechoslovakia, suggested that he travel to visit him instead. On arrival in Prague, Winton was horrified at the treatment of Czech Jews at the hands of the Nazis. He decided that he had to help the Jews.

After Kristallnacht, the British government had extended the quota to allow child refugees into Britain. They had to have an agreed place to live and a sponsor, who would pledge £50, so that they would not be a burden on the British state. Subject to these conditions, Winton was able to take children from Prague to Britain.

Winton believed that saving children was more important than his career. He gave up his job to stay in Prague in order to organise the rescue of Czech Jewish children. Winton built up biographies of children whose parents had asked him to take them to safety. He placed advertisements of these children in England seeking families to take them in...

Dil Bole Indiaa

THIS is how you own your MLB debut.

The Flamingo Factory at Lake Natron

BirdLife International

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Mean Mary "I've Been Down"

Michael Stock

Songbird in action!

 Kawalpreet (@peetahuja)

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Tubal ligations of Indigenous women in Saskatoon 'troubling': Bennett

By Kristy Kirkup, The Canadian Press:
Minister of Indigenous and Northern Affairs, Carolyn Bennett speaks as AFN National Chief Perry Bellegarde looks on at the Assembly of First Nations annual general meeting in Regina, Sask., Tuesday July 25, 2017. Bennett says she's troubled by reports of Indigenous women in and around Saskatoon being coerced into tubal ligation procedures. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Mark Taylor
OTTAWA — Reports that women in and around Saskatoon were being coerced into tubal ligation procedures are evidence of racism in a health-care system that remains biased against Aboriginal women, Canada's Indigenous affairs minister says.

In an interview with The Canadian Press, Carolyn Bennett called last week's report "completely troubling" and a sign that some doctors are still willing to project onto certain patients what they consider an "optimal family size."

"It is a very paternalistic approach," Bennett said. "I think that we yet again are confronted with the racism in all of our institutions."

The report was researched and compiled by Yvonne Boyer, a lawyer and a Canada Research Chair at Manitoba's Brandon University, and Dr. Judith Bartlett, a physician and researcher.

They documented how some Indigenous women from Saskatoon and the surrounding area were coerced into having their Fallopian tubes clamped or severed after giving birth in hospital.

Most of the women who were interviewed for the report either did not recall consenting to the procedure, or did so because they were exhausted and too overwhelmed to fight any longer, the researchers found...

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Crazy cool shelf cloud speeds toward Delburne, Alberta July 23

Canadian Supreme Court Says No Indigenous Veto On Energy Projects

By SpencerFernando

Ruling critiques National Energy Board for lack of Indigenous consultation, but says there is no Indigenous veto over whether energy projects proceed.

The Supreme Court of Canada has issued a big ruling approving the Enbridge pipeline and blocking seismic testing in Nunavut. At the same time, the ruling will have greater long-term consequences, as the idea of an “Indigenous veto” over energy projects was rejected...

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"I Love A Rainy Night" by Eddie Rabbitt

 Eddie Rabbitt

 Allec Joshua Ibay

Brigitte Gabriel's Super Reply to Muslim Girl | Author Silences Muslim Student | ACT Convention

Simply Awesome

We Could Resurrect the Woolly Mammoth. Here's How.


A museum worker checks the hair on this woolly mammoth replica.

Jurassic Park imagined a future in which it was possible to bring dinosaurs back to life. Now, that fiction may become reality as geneticists seek to resurrect the woolly mammoth.
These Ice Age herbivores, whose closest living relatives are the Asian elephant, lived on several northern continents and had a thick, furry coat that protected against the extreme cold.

The shaggy animals went extinct about 4,000 years ago, but the current revolution in genetics—which is combating aging, eradicating diseases, and even allowing parents to create "designer babies"—may change that. (Read how to resurrect lost species.)...

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Streetheart lead singer, Saskatchewan native Kenny Shields dead

The Canadian Press, Regina Leader~Post

Kenny Shields, the Saskatchewan-born lead singer of Streetheart, died Friday.
/ Regina Leader~Post
Kenny Shields, the brash lead singer of Canadian rock band Streetheart who swaggered across the country’s stages for decades, died of heart failure Friday. He was 69.

The Juno-winning artist was part of the homegrown brand of guitar-driven hits that became rock radio staples throughout the late 1970s and early 1980s, including “Action,” “Hollywood,” “Look in Your Eyes,” “What Kind of Love Is This,” and a cover of the Rolling Stones classic “Under My Thumb.”

Guitarist Jeff Neill said Shields died Friday at St. Boniface General Hospital in Winnipeg after a number of heart problems...


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Ten things you may not know about Orwell's '1984'

Tornado still on the ground north of Foam Lake, Sk. 21 Jul

Rooting out latest invasive plant to strike Ottawa a race against time

Rosario Castanon, from the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority, says knotweed is aggressive. (Laurie Fagan/CBC) 

Conservation experts in Ottawa are waging war on Japanese knotweed, an aggressive, invasive plant species which has taken root in more than a dozen places on the city's shorelines.

If it's not controlled, biologists warn the foreign plant — strong enough to break through walls and roads — will spread, displacing wildlife and crowding out native plant species in many areas...

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"Run" by Ludovico Einaudi


Free online books library for students, teachers, and the classic enthusiast.

"Give me a man or woman who has read a thousand books and you give me an interesting companion. Give me a man or woman who has read perhaps three and you give me a dangerous enemy indeed." - Anne Rice   

Eagle vs. cow: Deroche resident captures photos of big bird's cattle battle

After an eagle scooped one of her prized hens, a Deroche woman captured photos of the neighbour's cows fighting with the raptor — though probably not in defence of the chickens. Submitted / Emilie Henderson
An eagle hungry for chicken found itself beefing with a local cow earlier this week.

Emilie Henderson of Deroche, just east of Mission, snapped the pictures after an eagle swooped down to snatch one of her hens on Tuesday.
“All my chickens were kind of squawking and making a racket,” she said, ”and I had been giving my kids a bath at the time so I couldn’t see what was going on.”

When she finally stepped outside, she startled the invading eagle, who flew out of the chicken pen with a hen in its talons.

Rather than try to defend her birds, Henderson broke out her camera.

“Well, the chicken’s probably already dead, but at least I can try to get some cool pictures,” she said, explaining her thought process...

Conspiracy theories are the opium of the masses


 Not a day passes without at least one commentary about the nefarious plots foreign powers are hatching against Turkey. For instance, if you google “Türkiye’ye büyük tuzak” (Big plot against Turkey), you get 8,700 results. If you search for “Hedef Türkiye!” (Turkey is the target!), you can find—wait for it—a whopping 239,000 results. Naturally, there are many other similar examples.

In such commentaries, Turkey is often portrayed as a strong and rising power, which has been facing unprecedented international plots by jealous outsiders.

In fact, the idea of Turkey being surrounded by internal and external enemies is not a new phenomenon. It has long been embedded in Turkey’s political culture and is often referred to as the Sevres Syndrome—from the treaty that confirmed the defeat and partition of the Ottoman Empire by foreign powers after World War I.

But maintaining the sense of trauma doubtlessly serves a political purpose, since it is instrumental in terms of mobilizing the masses against threats, whether real or imagined. Therefore, it helps policymakers manufacture consent about specific policies. And at times, governments reap the benefits of being a victim of conspiracies without having to assume responsibility for their actions...

Erdogan Of Turkey Literally Resurrects The Image Of The Ottoman Beast And Vows That All Who Defy Him Will Be Beheaded

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Excuse me Constable, can you tell me where my wife and I can register as evacuees?

"Mustang Sally (feat. Andrew Strong)" by The Commitments

Alan Parker, left, with the cast of The Commitments Photo: 20TH CENTURY FOX
Caitlin ó Ceallacháin

A letter to PM @JustinTrudeau; You said: "Canada does not pay ransom to terror groups" - Just terrorists.

Round And Round The Rugged Rock They Ran, The Duck Chasing A Dog As Fast As He Can!

Adam Colbert

Wildlife photographer traveled the world to snap stunning animal portraits

ABC News

Visit: Joel Sartore: National Geographic Photographer and Speaker

Grizzly bear is a vegetarian.

Also see:

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Whirling disease found in the Bow River in Banff National Park

By Colette Derworiz, Calgary Herald

More cases of whirling disease have been found in Banff National Park — this time in the Bow River, elevating concerns for southern Alberta’s fish populations.

On Monday, officials announced that the contagious disease was confirmed Sept. 7 in fish taken from the Bow River.

“For some samples taken at about four or five sites downstream of Bow Falls, between there and the east park boundary, we have positive results for whirling disease,” Bill Hunt, manager of resource conservation with Banff National Park, said in an interview Monday. “It indicates it’s in the Bow River.

“There were fish sampled from a number of locations.”

The latest results were announced earlier Monday by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, which monitors diseases that are important to aquatic health or the Canadian economy...

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Marianne Faithfull -- The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan

you tube

Mind-blowing 500 year old map of Antarctica shows it was once ICE-FREE

By Rory McKeown
 MYSTERY: The Piri Reis map appears to show Antarctica as an ice-free region GETTY

Mystery has surrounded the Piri Reis map since it was compiled in 1513 by Turkish admiral Ahmed Muhiddin Piri.

The map, drawn on gazelle skin, remained intact until it was discovered in 1929 at the library in the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul.

Experts analysed the diagram and realised it portrayed an accurate depiction of the world...

Native Americans are Suing the Government for Delisting Grizzly Bears as Endangered

Posted by Mike Soszynski

Native Americans from seven U.S. states and Canada are suing the United States’ federal government over its recent decision to remove grizzly bears from the endangered and threatened species list. Their lawsuit alleges that the government failed to consult with Native American groups and that the delisting violates their religion.
In June, U.S. Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke announced that grizzly bears would be removed from the Endangered Species List. He cited the bears’ population increasing from “as few as 136 bears in 1975 to an estimated 700 today.”

There were once between 50,000 and 100,000 grizzly bears roaming the U.S. Today an estimated 1% of that population remains and they have been removed from 98% of their original range in the contiguous United States...

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How's that bear hunting going?

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Sean Rowe "Old Shoes"


Thousands evacuate Williams Lake wildfire

The Globe and Mail
Smoke is seen rising in front of the sun as a wild fire burns near Little Fort, B.C. Tuesday, July 11, 2017.

Cars filled with evacuees were caught in bumper-to-bumper traffic as they tried to leave Williams Lake B.C. this weekend. A citywide evacuation order caused by encroaching wildfires forced residents to seek shelter in other towns, with many heading to Kamloops. The drive between the two cities normally takes three hours, but because of the snarled traffic, it took many residents three times as long to get there.

As Williams Lake residents arrived in Kamloops, hundreds of people lined up outside of an emergency recreation centre that provided cots, pastries, coffee and pet supplies. By Sunday morning, the Sandman Centre was filled with thousands of people...

Brave Nun: 'Islam Is ISIS. Whoever Says Otherwise Is a Liar'

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Ticks and Tick Borne Diseases from Sask. Veterinary Medical Assoc.

Related: Moose Jaw veterinarian receives national award

 Dr. Bob Bellamy poses with a dog at his veterinary practice in Moose Jaw. Bellamy recently received the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association President's Award. PHOTO SUBMITTED

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Humpback whales lunge out of ocean

Ronnie Hawkins is selling Hawkstone Manor for $4.3 million

Inside the main house of Ronnie Hawkins' Hawkstone Manor on Stoney Lake, which is currently listed for sale with Sotheby's at an asking price of $4,250,000. (Photo:

Famous musician Ronnie Hawkins has put his Stoney Lake home, Hawkstone Manor Estate, on the market again — for an asking price of $4,250,000.

The property at 2250 Sixth Line Road is listed with Sotheby’s International Realty Canada, a premium and luxury home realtor.

While $4.3 million is a lot of money, it’s far less than when Hawkins put the property on the market in 2013 — for an asking price of $14.9 million...


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Blackberry Smoke 'Ain't Much Left Of Me'

Blackberry Smoke

Vlad DRACULA vs Ottoman Empire – The Forest of The Impaled

                                                                      Vlad Tepes Dracula

Vlad DRACULA vs Ottoman Empire – The Forest of The Impaled

Roman Catholic Vlad Tepes: Impaled The Muslim ‘Brotherhood’, Thus Saving His Country From The Ottoman Empire’s Islamic Headcutters.

 In 1462 when the invading Muslim Sultan Mehmed II reached Tirgoviste, he saw a terrifying scene, remembered in history as “the Forest of the Impaled”, there, outside the city, were 20,000 Muslim prisoners,
all impaled...

A goat enjoying the view

The Last Death-Defying Honey Hunter of Nepal

 National Geographic: photos and videos, outstanding. Thomas


One man from the Kulung culture harvests psychotropic honey that is guarded by capricious spirits and the world’s largest honeybees...


Thursday, July 13, 2017

A Guide to the Many Religions on Game of Thrones


 Catelyn and Ned in the godswood at Winterfell.

 Almost everything on Game of Thrones is complicated — the family trees, the politics, the geography, the languages, etc. You name it, it’s harder to understand than whatever’s going on this week on say, Grey’s Anatomy. This extra thorough level of detail extends to the religions in Game of Thrones, which as the show has progressed, have become increasingly important to the story. Season five saw the Faith of the Seven taken to its most fundamentalist extremes, and now, going into season seven, it seems likely that the whole Lord of Light/Prince Who Was Promised thing will come up again. Below, a handy guide to the most important faiths kept by the people of Westeros and Essos. May the Crone guide you on this journey...

Tornado in Colorado.

"Have You Ever" by Brandi Carlile


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Remarks by President Trump to the People of Poland | July 6, 2017

The White House
Office of the Press Secretary
"...As I stand here today before this incredible crowd, this faithful nation, we can still hear those voices that echo through history.  Their message is as true today as ever.  The people of Poland, the people of America, and the people of Europe still cry out “We want God.”  (Applause.)

Together, with Pope John Paul II, the Poles reasserted their identity as a nation devoted to God.  And with that powerful declaration of who you are, you came to understand what to do and how to live.  You stood in solidarity against oppression, against a lawless secret police, against a cruel and wicked system that impoverished your cities and your souls.  And you won.  Poland prevailed.  Poland will always prevail.  (Applause.)..."

  "...The Pope fears US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “distorted vision of the world”, claiming any formed alliance could harm the poor and migrants..."

" This penguin swims 5000 miles every year to meet his Brazilian friend, who once saved his life."

Bunny Fighting Kung Fu Style.

Jimmy Buffett "A Pirate Looks At Forty"


Sense of Place - The Cairngorms

A Sense of Place #2 - The Cairngorms from Max Smith on Vimeo.

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Randy Travis - Storms of Life [original Lp version]


Storm pummels Saskatoon as tornado, storm alerts continue in Sask.

Beth Allan captured this storm view over Pleasant Point Church, about 40 kilometres southeast of Saskatoon. (Beth Allan/@adolwyn)

With tornado watches in place for parts of the province, a thunderstorm pummeled Saskatoon with hail shortly after 6 p.m. CST on Monday.

Cracks of thunder could be heard as hail rained down on the city, forcing many residents to wait indoors for the storm to pass...

Also see...A severe thunderstorm watch continues for the city of Saskatoon; storm and tornado watches in effect for other regions in Sask.  

Top Silicon Valley Exec Developing Telepathic Mind Control Technology

By Aaron Kesel

A former Google[x] exec Mary Lou Jepsen wants to bring telepathy to your list of technological needs, accomplishing this feat through a simple ski-hat.

“I figured out how to put basically the functionality of an M.R.I. machine — a multimillion-dollar M.R.I. machine — into a wearable in the form of a ski hat,” Jepson told CNBC.

So how does she hope to achieve this and is it possible?

Current M.R.I. technology can already see your thoughts: “If I threw you into an M.R.I. machine right now … I can tell you what words you’re about to say, what images are in your head. I can tell you what music you’re thinking of,” Jepsen said. “That’s today, and I’m talking about just shrinking that down,” she added...

Project MK-ULTRA: CIA Mind Control Alltime Conspiracies