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Red River Valley by Michael Martin Murphey

Red River [photo]l
Red River Valley by Michael Martin Murphey on Grooveshark

More highway cameras planned

By Heather Polischuk, Leader-PostMore highway cameras planned
 A photo taken by a highways camera near Paradise Hill Photograph by: Supplied photo , Sask. Highways and Infrastructure.
When Ron Stricker's son-in-law drove from B.C. to Saskatchewan for work a week ago, the troublesome weather had Stricker on the Internet trying to find out what he could about the highways. Unfortunately, while Stricker can access numerous highway cameras in his province, he was unable to do the same here. "I was thinking maybe I could see some of the highways there and it just seemed ... your province hasn't gone that way yet," he said. Stricker, who lives in Richmond, B.C., also frequently visits his wife's family in the Moose Jaw area. Currently, the province has just four such highway cameras allowing for a real-time picture of road conditions - as opposed to Alberta and British Columbia, for example, where highways seem comparatively littered with them. "I think these cameras are really useful," Stricker said. "You can tell a lot better when you look on a camera."... Read more: here...

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PM’s cat becomes Reddit celebrity as Harper apparently mails glossy feline photo to letter writer

National Post Staff
Reddit user MyLastNameIsHO posted this response his friend received from Stephen Harper.
Reddit user MyLastNameIsHOReddit user MyLastNameIsHO posted this response his friend received from Stephen Harper.Do you want to talk to the Prime Minister about cats? Because the Prime Minister, apparently, wants to talk to you about cats.
Reddit user MyLastNameIsHO posted late Wednesday a letter a he claims a friend received from Stephen Harper responding to an inquiry about the cats at 24 Sussex...Read here...
The full text of the letter:
Dear Justin:
I am delighted to have this opportunity to thank you for your letter of December 12 regarding my family’s cats. I am pleased to have been chosen as your correspondent.
Our two cats are named Stanley and Gypsy. Stanley is the grey tabby and is two years old. Gypsy is the wise old cat of the house and is almost nine. Her favourite sport is hunting down mice around 24 Sussex. Stanley is less discerning. He will chase anything as long as it means he gets to play.
I have taken the liberty of enclosing a photo of Stanley for you. He likes the camera. Gypsy, on the other hand, has no patience for it.
Once again, thank you for taking the time to write. Please accept my best wishes for the remainder of the school year.
The Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper P.C., M.P.
Prime Minister of Canada

Alabama Shakes performing 'I Ain't the Same'

Image via Facebook.
Image via Facebook.[link]
[Brittany Howard]

George Orwell's 1984, Animal Farm

George Orwell's  1984

1.Read 1984 2.[Orwell Today]

Animal Farm [link]               ~  George Orwell 'Animal Farm' “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”                      “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

“The Seven Commandments:
Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy.
Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings, is a friend.
No animal shall wear clothes.
No animal shall sleep in a bed.
No animal shall drink alcohol.
No animal shall kill any other animal.
All animals are equal.” [link]

[Read 'Animal Farm' here]

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It'll Shine When It Shines by The Ozark Mountain Daredevils

Photo courtesy of www.warrington
It'll Shine When It Shines by The Ozark Mountain Daredevils on Grooveshark[lyrics]

Photographer Discovers a ‘Family’ of Homeless Men and Women Living in West Harlem

In 1982 Brooklyn found her home by following feral cats to their shelter in the tunnel. Brooklyn sings and dances outside of uptown bars and clubs to earn money.AndreaStarReese_photographyby Amanda Gorence
...Fragile and resilient, tragic and beautiful, self-destructive yet surviving, these homeless men and women are just people. Neither more than us, nor less than us they are a part of us. And they are apart from us. Nothing is simple in the shadows of the street.—Andrea Star Reese
The Urban Cave is the powerful documentation of homeless men and women in West Harlem by Andrea Star Reese. Formerly a filmmaker, Reese began this project when she enrolled in the photojournalism documentary photo program at ICP. One of her assignments was to capture “New York Underground”, which consequently led her to a train tunnel nicknamed the Batcave...Complete article here, photos...

Animal Heroes Save Humans

by . The temperature in Poland had dropped to 23 degrees. A little 3-year-old girl was lost in the marsh, cold, alone, and scared. Well, she wasn't quite alone. A small dog stayed with her the whole night snuggling up to help keep her warm. The girl suffered from frostbite but without that little dog, she would probably not have survived.

From way back through the centuries there are stories of animals saving and nurturing people. They have rescued and raised lost babies and put themselves in danger to keep humans from being harmed.

Animals are trained to sniff out danger like bombs so people would be safer. They are trained to alert somebody when their owners have a health crisis. Seeing eye dogs are a lifeline for the blind. We've all heard stories about animals in nursing homes and hospitals giving people in those places a new lease on life because they have something to love and love them back. Heroes every one of them. Here are a few more...More animal heroes here...

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Isn't Life Strange by The Moody Blues

photoTippi Degre, Real Life Mowgli 02 - Strange Or WhatIsn’t Life Strange by The Moody Blues on Grooveshark[link]

Weather causing havoc across Saskatchewan

 By Cassi Smith, The StarPhoenixWeather causing havoc across Saskatchewan

Andrew Kuffner tries to dig out his truck from a drift on the Eighth Street extension, March 21, 2013. High winds and drifting snow made driving a challenge in and around Saskatoon.

Photograph by: Greg Pender , The StarPhoenix: Read more:

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Meet The Harmonica Man

Rarely, Have I Been So Lucky to Witness an
Authentic Demonstration of Pure Giving & Sharing

Alexandra Bruce
March 4, 2013
A retired Scottish-born man should have died long ago. But after facing death on more than one occasion, he decided to share his secret to happiness ... music.
Rarely, have I been emotionally moved to such an extent, as I beheld a dynamo of such power that is evident within his acts of pure giving and sharing.
To me, this may be a glimpse into the way we once were - and the way we must strive to
become again, if we are to remain viable as a form of life on this planet.
December 14, 2009
A retired Scottish-born man should have died long ago. But after facing death on more than one occasion, he decided to share his secret to happiness ... music.

Steve Hartman reports.

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Tuesday's Gone

Lynyrd Skynyrd free bird[photo]Lynyrd Skynyrd- Bio

Google Glass: Orwellian surveillance with fluffier branding

Google's Sergey Brin wearing Google Glass on the New York Subway
By ...Imagine if Google or Facebook decided to install their own CCTV cameras everywhere, gathering data about our movements, recording our lives and joining up every camera in the land in one giant control room. It’s Orwellian surveillance with fluffier branding. And this isn’t just video surveillance – Glass uses audio recording too. For added impact, if you’re not content with Google analysing the data, the person can share it to social media as they see fit too.
Yet that is the reality of Google Glass. Everything you see, Google sees. You don’t own the data, you don’t control the data and you definitely don’t know what happens to the data. Put another way – what would you say if instead of it being Google Glass, it was Government Glass? A revolutionary way of improving public services, some may say. Call me a cynic, but I don’t think it’d have much success.
More importantly, who gave you permission to collect data on the person sitting opposite you on the Tube? How about collecting information on your children’s friends? There is a gaping hole in the middle of the Google Glass world and it is one where privacy is not only seen as an annoying restriction on Google’s profit, but as something that simply does not even come into the equation. Google has empowered you to ignore the privacy of other people. Bravo...Read complete article here...

Why I Left AA After 12 Years, by Louise Wareham Leonard

Read for Wednesday from The Fix.
by Louise Wareham Leonard:  I needed to recover from 12-step recovery. Years after leaving the rooms, I'm grateful for a life of serenity and moderate drinking. Leaving Alcoholics Anonymous, after 12 years, was one of the best things I have ever done. I didn’t leave consciously or with direct intent—not at first—but once I could look back on happy weeks and months without 12-step orthodoxy, I realized I would never go back...Continue reading...

Wildlife photographer uses swan disguise to get closer to birds

Jaymi Heimbuch.

© Henryk Janowski
Birds are usually skittish creatures and getting close enough for a photograph is only half the problem for wildlife photographers. The other half of the problem is in getting close enough while keeping birds comfortable and undisturbed by your presence so they act naturally and show behaviors not usually viewed by humans. Oh, and doing all this without damaging your expensive camera gear.
While remote cameras are one option, wildlife photographer Henryk Janowski has come up with a brilliant way to solve for all these problems and still get to be part of the action. In the local swamp where he photographs a variety of bird species, he captures intimate and up-close behaviors by swimming around underneath a swan...Continue reading...

© Henryk Janowski

Ukraine parliament erupts in a brawl...again

By | Canada Politics
We always hear people in Canada complain about civility in our Parliament — certainly it seems to have gotten a lot worse over the past decade.
But thank goodness we haven't seen anything like this 'brawl' that took place in Ukraine's Parliament today...Read here...

St. Paul’s Hospital to reopen Wednesday

 By Betty Ann Adam, The StarPhoenix
St. Paul’s Hospital to reopen Wednesday
 St. Paul’s Hospital will reopen to visitors Wednesday morning. Photograph by: Greg Pender , The StarPhoenix.
St. Paul’s Hospital will reopen to visitors Wednesday morning. The hospital has been closed to visitors since Thursday, March 14 to reduce the spread of the gastrointestinal illness, norovirus. As of Tuesday night it had been 96 hours since the last new case... Read more...

Monday, March 18, 2013

Boil water advisory lifted for Saskatoon neighbourhoods, nearby towns

Boil water advisory lifted for Saskatoon neighbourhoods, nearby towns

Ron Dueck works to free a semi stuck in the water from the water main break in Saskatoon Friday.

Photograph by: Ryan Pearce , supplid photo

The StarPhoenix March 18, 2013 3:56 PM:
A boil water advisory that was in effect over the weekend for several Saskatoon neighbourhoods and some nearby towns has been lifted...Read more:

Alabama Shakes 'Always Alright' (Live on SNL)

Animal heroes: The cat who killed 'Mao Tse Tung', the pigeon who saved 1,000 lives and other incredible stories

                           1949: Able seaman Simon, hero of the post-war Yangtse Incident

Former stray Simon became the only cat to win the Dickin Medal after heroically continuing to catch rats despite being wounded aboard a Royal Navy ship during a 101-day siege by Chinese communists.
The intrepid feline, who sadly died in British quarantine before he could receive the honor, was praised for his courage and support during the 1949 Yangtze Incident. Seventeen sailors were killed during the standoff after HMS Amethyst sailed up the Yangtze river from Shanghai to Nanking to protect the British embassy there during China’s civil war.

Simon suffered severe shrapnel wounds and burns after the captain’s cabin was hit by a shell, which killed Lieutenant Commander Bernard M. Skinner. Yet somehow the scraggly black and white cat who was discovered stray in Hong Kong, fought through the pain and was able to recover from his injuries by licking his wounds.

According to the citation he received for his Amethyst campaign ribbon, Simon, who was also given the rank able seaman, rid the ship “of pestilence and vermin with unrelenting faithfulness.”

This task became particularly important because the men were strictly rationed during the long, hot months aboard. He was best known for killing a rat the sailors nicknamed Mao Tse Tung after the Communist leader.

Simon and the rest of the crew made a daring escape as the Amethyst limped back down the river under the cover of darkness. Sadly, he died from an infection after arriving in British quarantine.[Read other incredible stories here, photos]

Get up close with wild birds at Canadian sanctuary

A bald eagle perches over a flock of ducks at the George C. Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary. [photos here]                                                                    By Mike Benbow, Special to The Herald: The Reifel sanctuary just across the border in Canada is a bit like a giant zoo for birds.

There are no bars, cages or nets, but the 850-acre sanctuary on the Fraser River estuary manages to attract and hold an enormous number of birds, especially in winter.

There are some 250 species, with 40 or more moving through in the fall and spring...Continue reading...

Through a Photographer’s Lens: A Case of the Mondays at Disneyland Park

Posted by Paul Hiffmeyer, Chief Photographer for Public Relations, Disneyland Resort:Who hasn’t felt like this on a Monday morning? Raise your hand. I really like to look for the humor in photos I take, and this shot of a grotesque outside the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland park just made me laugh. [link]Through a Photographer's Lens: Haunted Mansion in Disneyland Park [link]

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"Will You Go Lassie Go" aka "Wild Mountain Thyme" performed by Lark and Spur


Ancient Pyramid In Alaska Is Real Says Linda Moulton Howe

(Before It's News)
Some say the pyramid in Alaska is a hoax while others maintain it is real. 
 Linda Moulton Howe first reported on a high strangeness finding in Alaska: an apparent buried pyramid about 50 miles from Mt. McKinley, according to Whitley Strieber at Unknown Country. He reports that 'the object is apparently very old, both built and buried by unknown parties" and is larger than the Pyramid of Cheops...Read here...
Related: [link]

US to deploy more ground-based missile interceptors as North Korea steps up threats


By M. Alex Johnson, staff writer, NBC News
The U.S. is deploying 14 new ground-based missile interceptors in Alaska to counter renewed nuclear threats from North Korea and Iran, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said Friday.

The new interceptors will be based at Fort Greely, an Army launch site about 100 miles southeast of Fairbanks, Alaska, and are projected to be fully deployed by 2017, Hagel said. The additions will bring the U.S.-based ground interceptor deployment from 30 to 44, including four that are based in California...Read here...

LOST HIGHWAY by Hank Williams

[photo]LOST HIGHWAY by Hank Williams. Written by Leon Payne

"Lost Highway", often assumed to have come from Hank's pen, was written by Leon Payne...
Payne was a blind musician who worked out of Jerry Irby's nightclub in Houston and guested on the Hayride and the Opry. His original version... had been released on the Nashville-based Bullet label in October 1948.

Colin Escott, Hank Williams - The Biography, Boston, 1995, p. 98.

In the early days of Leon's career, he hitchhiked from one place to another, finding jobs wherever he could. Once he was in Califonia hitchhiking to Alba, Texas, to visit his sick mother. He was unable to get a ride and finally got help from the Salvation Army. It was while he was waiting for help that he wrote this song.

Telephone interview, Dec 20, 1972; reprinted in Dorothy Horstman, Sing Your Heart Out, Country Boy, New York, 1976, p. 368.[link]

Visitors banned from St. Paul's after norovirus-like outbreak

Photo: A woman hold her stomach[link] By Betty Ann Adam, The StarPhoenix :
St. Paul's Hospital in Saskatoon will remain closed to visitors through the weekend as the number of patients and staff suffering from an outbreak of vomiting and diarrhea has continued to climb through the week.
There were 28 people experiencing the norovirus-like symptoms Thursday, up from 23 Wednesday and 12 on Monday, hospital CEO Jean Morrison said.
"We have a very full and busy hospital and we need to decrease the amount of movement we have going on through the building," Morrison told reporters.
Hospital officials hope the ban on visitors will prevent the need to cancel, postpone or divert any treatment...Continue reading...

Electric fence experiment ends as expected

You know what is going to happen and it's still funny.

Boil water advisory in effect until at least Monday for several areas in and around Saskatoon

A massive lake opened up early Friday morning at the corner of 46th Street and Faithfull Avenue. A massive lake opened up early Friday morning at the corner of 46th Street and Faithfull Avenue. (Dan Zakreski/CBC)[link]
 By Charles Hamilton, The StarPhoenix
Several Saskatoon neighbourhoods and some nearby towns will remain under a boil water advisory until at least Monday, according to the city, after a water main break early Friday morning.
Kelsey-Woodlawn, River Heights, Lawson Heights, Silverwood Heights, the north industrial area, the Hudson Bay industrial area, the Marquis industrial area, Agriplace, the north development area, and the towns of Warman, Martensville, Osler, Neuanlage and Dalmeny are all under the advisory.
At mid-morning water was still running down streets near where the break occurred at 46th Street and Faithful Avenue. The break occurred around 2 a.m.
The cause of the break is still unknown, according to the city. The pipe that broke is just two years old...Continue reading...

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Internet Cat Video Festival 2013

[link]                                                Internet Cat Video Festival

Ben Howard 'Keep Your Head Up'

Cat Animal Head Close Up Stock Image[link] by mathieu viallon

Obama’s New Libya

Ansar al-Sharia, (or “Sharia’s Supporters”): empowered by Obama
FrontPage Magazine: By Remember all the hoopla the Obama administration engaged in after helping Libya’s “freedom fighters” oust (and sodomize and murder) the nation’s former president, Muammar Gaddafi? Remember the rationale used by Obama to justify using the U.S. military to help Libya’s “opposition”?  In his March 28, 2011, speech, he spoke of “our responsibilities to our fellow human beings,” adding that not assisting them “would have been a betrayal of who we are.”                                                                                                                      Although it was common knowledge that al-Qaeda and other fiercely anti-American forces were involved in the Libyan jihad, this did not shake Obama’s “responsibilities” to his “fellow human beings.”  Predictably, the thanks  the U.S. received was an al-Qaeda attack on the American embassy in Benghazi and the murders of four American officials, including Ambassador Chris Stevens (an attack the Obama administration tried to frame as a product of an amateur YouTube video that had “offended” Muslims)...Continue reading...

Nearly 6,000 Dead Pigs Removed From Huangpu River, China

Life of Pig Photo: Du Shi Xiong/ Weibo Artist Du Shi Xiong takes a satirical stance on the pig carcasses that currently infest Shanghai's Huangpu River. March 11, 2013.[linkl]
Written by Christian Nordqvist, 13 Mar 2013 : Nearly 6,000 dead pigs have been removed from the Huangpu River, one of the main tap water supplies of China's largest city, Shanghai. By early evening, Tuesday March 12th, authorities said a total of 5,916 pig carcasses had been found either floating in the river, along its banks, or seemingly thrown into bushes nearby.

A total of 233 barges have been searching in the waterway, according to a statement by the Shanghai government.

There is growing concern among Shanghainese citizens regarding the quality of their tap water. Shanghai is a city which has become rapidly industrialized, a process which has had a serious impact on the local environment. Locals are increasingly aware and worried about environmental factors which might harm their health...Continue reading...

Accenture "Surfing Elephant" | Commercial


Accenture "Surfing Elephant" | Commercial from BUF on Vimeo.

Top Native American Sites

 1. 2. [photo]

55 examples of photo manipulation

A couple of these images have been around for awhile, they are different. Do not know how they do it.
55 incredible examples of photo manipulation[photos]

Montana Bill Would Legalize Roadkill Dining

[Roadkill cuisine] BY (@lizzyfit)
By passing a bill last week that allows motorists to eat their roadkill, the Montana House of Representatives may be on their way to legalizing the ultimate drive-through experience.
State Rep. Steve Lavin originally introduced the bill into Montana's House to allow "game animals, fur-bearing animals, migratory game birds and upland game birds" who have been killed by a car to be harvested for food.
"This includes deer, elk, moose and antelope, the animals with the most meat," said Lavin...Read here...

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'Grumpy Cat' is star attraction at Austin festival. Cat goes for swim in the sea.

Spring will come....eventually 
She's the star of SXSW and has fans queueing round the block for a picture.
But don't expect a smile any time soon - because Tardar Sauce (aka Grumpy Cat) won't crack a grin for even her biggest fans.
The 11-month-old mixed breed is overshadowing Al Gore as the biggest attraction at this year's South by Southwest Interactive festival in Austin, Texas.
Grumpy Cat arrives at South by Southwest festival in Austin, TX. Popular meme highlight of Mashable this year
Holding court at the Mashable House, she sleeps all day - refusing to pose with her thousands of admirers...Read here...
Cats are taking over the net. The cat below is going for a dip in the sea. Video is age restricted on You Tube, because of the girl in bikini. Never noticed.

THE DOORS - People Are Strange

Bill W.'s Anonymous Children

[image]                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Susan Cheever, a columnist for The Fix:
 AA has now spawned some 50 other 12-step programs for different substances and behaviors. Would its famous founder embrace this bountiful brood or disown many of them?  With 12-step programs for spending, cluttering, eating, sex, medication and getting along with other people, few hours of the day remain beyond the influence of the work of Bill Wilson. In his wildest dreams, Bill could never have imagined this proliferation. But what would he think of it? Would he be pleased that his message was being carried in so many ways for so many substances and behaviors? Or would he be pissed at the way his focus—he started as one man trying to resist one drink—has been so dramatically scattered?...Read here...

An Ethiopian-born beauty queen is the new Miss Israel

[photo]Imageby Charlie Gillis: The crowning of an Ethiopian-born beauty queen last week marked a big step forward for Israel, where—disturbingly—appearance has come to count for a lot. The new Miss Israel, 21-year-old Yityish Aynaw, is one of tens of thousands of black Falasha Jews who have migrated to the Holy Land since the mid-1980s famine, yet who still struggle for acceptance in Israeli society. Many toil in low-paying jobs, while some have been shut out of housing complexes, with residents telling reporters they thought Ethiopians and their food were smelly...Read here...

Hateful messages left on local Muslim worship centre

[image]30034645Vik Kirsch, Mercury staff : GUELPH — A vandal or more than one struck under cover of darkness at a Muslim house of worship Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning, extensively defacing its exterior.
The site is a former Christian school on Water Street near Edinburgh Road, which the Muslim Society of Guelph purchased and converted last July.
A corrugated wall was scrawled in red paint: “Please learn English.” On windows nearby was written: “U R dead. Go home.”
Other walls were defaced with Nazi swastikas, one backward. There were derogatory references to Arabs and a large scrawl urging, “ET go home.” Some windows were simply spray painted to mar them...Continue reading...