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Song of the South "Everybody's Got A Laughin' Place"

Cult of climate change at it again

Where the hell is Al Gore? Why isn’t he out there, holding a press conference to explain this latest inconvenient truth?
So here we are, reeling from another blizzard, the greatest storm of the century to hit Massachusetts since way back in 2013, and guess what?
The global-warming cultists are blaming it on, what else, global warming. Excuse me, climate change.
Here’s the headline yesterday in one of the U.K.’s leading moonbat broadsheets:
“Climate change responsible for super-charging winter storms, scientists say.”
Homer Simpson used to say, “Donuts! Is there anything they can’t do?”
Listen Homer, donuts got nothing on global warming, er climate change. It causes blizzards … and heat waves. Floods … and droughts. That’s why 1,700 billionaires had to fly to Davos this week to huddle over how to cut down on the carbon footprint — your carbon footprint, not theirs.
Here is Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in 2008: “Anemic winters … snow is so scarce today.”
Hey Bobby, shovel this!
Another true believer named Porter Fox wrote an interminable op-ed piece for The New York Times less than a year ago under the headline, “The End of Snow?”
Can we lose the question mark? The answer is no. Believe it or not, this guy wrote “a book on the future of snow.”
It’s got a great future, snow, at least until the spring. But shhhh, don’t tell Porter Fox. You know what they say: If you believe in nothing, you’ll fall for anything.
“I was floored,” he wrote, “by how much snow had already disappeared from the planet.”
Now if it would only disappear from my driveway.
At the State House, the office of state Sen. Mike Barrett, Moonbat-Lexington, sent out an email late Monday announcing the postponement of a legislative briefing Tuesday on a bill, “An Act combating climate change.”
In other words, an outbreak of global warming hysteria was canceled due to a blizzard.
It’s a cult, a failed cult. MIT professor Richard Lindzen told me last week: “As with any cult, once the mythology of the cult begins falling apart, instead of saying, ‘Oh, we were wrong,’ they get more and more fanatical … Think about it, you’ve led an unpleasant life, you have led a very virtuous life. But now you’re told, you get absolution if you watch your carbon footprint. It’s salvation!”
It’s like the Middle Ages. These trust-funded loons are buying indulgences. And their epiphany occurred on the road not to Damascus, but to Davos.
Let’s close with one more apocalyptic report from noted snowologist Porter Fox on what happens when the white stuff disappears:
“What follows is a dangerous chain reaction of catastrophes like forest fires, drought, mountain pine beetle infestations, degraded river habitat, loss of hydroelectric power, dried-up aquifers and shifting weather patterns.”
The warmologists call it the apocalypse, the rest of us call it spring.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Billie Joe Armstrong & Norah Jones "Long Time Gone"

Billie Joe& Norah

Tales from Auschwitz: survivor stories

Tuesday 27 January is the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz. Six survivors, some of whom will be returning to the site for the last time, tell Kate Connolly their stories                                                                                                                                                                                              Kate Connolly

  • The Guardian

    Auschwitz liberation
    A doctor escorts a group of Auschwitz survivors from the camp in January 1945. Photograph: Heritage Images/Getty Images

    Irene Fogel Weiss, born in 1930 in Bótrágy, Czechoslovakia, now Batrad, Ukraine. She lives in Virginia, US. She will be returning to Auschwitz for the third time, as part of the US presidential delegation, along with her daughter, Lesley Weiss

    We lived in Bótrágy, a very small, mostly poor town in Czechoslovakia with a population of approximately 1,000 mainly farming families, including about 10 Jewish families. The town was a typical low-income community with a tailor, a shoemaker, a grocery store, where people struggled to get by, but where everyone knew each other and there was easy communication between the neighbours, though that didn’t mean we were equal.
    When I was eight years old Czechoslovakia broke apart and we became part of Hungary. That was when our problems started, because the Hungarians were allied with the Nazis. It was a difficult time for Jewish families, as suddenly the law no longer protected us and overnight we lost our civil rights. My father’s lumber business was confiscated and given to a non-Jew, and we received no compensation. Jewish children were thrown out of Hungarian schools, so right away we had no choice but to concentrate on hunkering down and trying not to bring attention to ourselves. We couldn’t ride the trains and we had to wear the yellow star. It was a free for all. With no law to protect us, it was common for Jews to get beaten up or thrown off the train...Continue reading...

Woman makes bucket list for dying dog

When Lauren Fern was told last summer that her pet pooch Gizelle was dying of bone cancer, she decided to savour every moment she had left with her beloved dog and create a bucket list.

First up on that list, Lauren took her four-legged friend canoeing. While this may seem like a random activity for a dog, Lauren had very heartfelt reasons for choosing it.

"Gizelle and I always used to watch The Little Mermaid together, and a favourite scene was the one where Ariel is chauffeured in a row boat by Prince Eric," she revealed.

Next up, Lauren and Gizelle spent some time together in New York's Times Square. Again, New York has a special significance to the close pair as when Lauren moved to the city from her small hometown in Tennessee, Gizelle was right by her side, helping her set up home.

"Together Gizelle and I had been through college, boyfriends, our early 20s, and a move from simple Tennessee to big and scary New York City," Lauren wrote in a moving blog post...Continue reading...
© Instagram/ Lauren Fern Gizelle enjoy ing rare peaceful moment in New York Times Square

40 Best Wildlife Photography Examples

Wildlife Photography, probably the most adventurous photography genre in the whole world. Actually wildlife photography is not that easy as it look like. In fact, a wildlife photographer has to spend most of his time in a year searching for some amazing shots in the jungles and wildlife. Most of their life passes out in wildlife looking for some amazing frames to capture. The most important fact is that wildlife photography is an awkward genre in that sense because you can’t do this if you only have a big knowledge of photography. Side by side you have to acquire knowledge about the wildlife, geographical studies, environmental studies and a lot more things. Even you will have study the animal psychology to become a good wildlife photographer...Continue reading, 40 Best Wildlife Photos.

The Singing Policeman

By Carmine Starnino                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Constable Kevin Gibson wants to use music to prevent street violence. 

Four nights a week, Wanda Kent drives east, across Winnipeg’s Red River and down a long cul-de-sac to a dilapidated, grey stucco building. “On my first visit,” says the single, unemployed mother of five, “I thought I had the wrong address.” Inside the softly lit East End Cultural and Leisure Centre, however, is plush carpeting and a stage, as well as a soundproof recording studio. Keyboards and a range of guitars line the walls. There’s even a piano used by performers at the 2014 Juno Awards.
Kent has been bringing her 12-year-old twin girls here for two years. It’s a chance to escape the North End, an area afflicted with the highest rates of reported muggings and assaults in the city, and where Kent is often afraid to let her children play outside. Tonight, a volunteer lines up Chelsea and Cassie, both dressed in jeans and black tops, with 20 other children, many new arrivals from Sudan and Rwanda. Soon the group is harmonizing along with Serena Ryder’s hit song “Stompa.”...                                                                                                                                                          Serena Ryder

ISIS spokesman calls for more Ottawa-style attacks in Canada, warning ‘what lies ahead will be worse’

An image grab taken from a video uploaded on YouTube on July 8, 2012, shows a man identified as Abu Muhammad al-Adnani, spokesman for the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS). AFP / Getty Images
The ISIS spokesman renewed his calls for terrorist attacks in Canada on Monday in a fiery speech that referred to the Oct. 22 attack on Parliament Hill and warned that “what lies ahead will be worse — with Allah’s permission.”...Continue reading...

Friday, January 23, 2015

Heartwarming picture shows lioness HUGGING man who saved her life


Strong bond: Sirga embraces Val, who cared for her when she was abandoned
With what seems to be a huge smile on her face, a lioness hugs the man who saved her in this amazing moment captured on camera.
The story of Sirga and conservationist Valentin Gruener was one of the biggest viral hits of 2014, with a video of the beautiful beast leaping into his arms viewed almost 10 million times on YouTube.
Their unlikely friendship began when cub Sirga was driven out of her pride, and faced certain death alone on the plains...Read more...

Foody Garden Towers And The Future Of Urban Gardening

With over half of the world’s 7 billion people residing in urban settings, food consumption and waste has reached an all-time high. And while the accelerated rate at which the population continues to grow is alarming, the more troublesome fact remains our misuse of resources. Essentially, less is being grown resourcefully, while more is being consumed. Vertical farm owner, James Cannon, highlights the extent to which urban dwellings have contributed to the current consumption issues by explaining:
If cities produced just ten percent of the ground crops they currently consume, by employing sustainable indoor vertical farms and greenhouses to do so, then nearly half of the damaged portion of the Brazilian rainforest could theoretically be restored (340,000 square miles worth) and a significant amount of carbon would be sequestered as the result.
By just producing 10% of what they consume, cities could amazingly eliminate a huge portion of their carbon footprint...Continue reading...

Thursday, January 22, 2015

I started taking my camera to work. Update

Lumpy, sweetest owl you'll ever meet. (Great Grey)... Someone told me you guys might like my pictures from work. There are over 150 birds at the center so I picked out just a few of my favorites. It's hard work, sometimes dangerous but at the end of the day it's worth it. Here's an assortment of owls, eagles, hawks and vultures...Photos here...

Jim Croce "Bad Bad Leroy Brown"

Max Stratos

Hippo charges at boat full of tourists - USA TODAY

USA Today Network Jessica Durando: Some tourists on an African safari boat got both a good scare and a great photo when a hippo charges the boat at high speed. Jen Markham (@jenmarkham) has the amazing video. Newslook

Saskatoon embraces Clinton

By Phil Tank, The StarPhoenix:
Huma and Aftab Ahmad appreciated what high-profile American politician Hillary Clinton said Monday about battling global terrorism.
Clinton, the former U.S. Secretary of State who is widely expected to seek the Democratic nomination for the 2016 presidential election, spoke about several global issues in front of a receptive capacity crowd at TCU Place Wednesday night.
Clinton called the war on terror a contest of ideas and stressed that extremists should not be confused with moderate Muslims.
She remarked on the story of a moderate Muslim who helped defend Jewish people during the recent Paris attacks.
“Those are the stories that can inspire all the moderate Muslims and everyone as well,” Huma said.
“We’re proud Canadians, but at the same time we’re also very moderate Muslims,” Aftab added. “I think she did a good job.”
Clinton referred in her speech to Islamic terrorism.
“ I think we should be cautious about using the term Islamic terrorism,” Huma said...Continue reading...

Revealed: Saudi Arabia's 'Great Wall' to keep out Isil

By , Middle East Correspondent:
When a raiding party from Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant attacked a Saudi border post last week, it was no mere hit on a desert outpost.
The jihadists were launching an assault on the new, highest profile effort by Saudi Arabia to insulate itself from the chaos engulfing its neighbours.
The Saudis are building a 600-mile-long “Great Wall” - a combined fence and ditch - to separates the country from Iraq to the north.
Much of the area on the Iraqi side is now controlled by Isil, which regards the ultimate capture of Saudi Arabia, home to the “Two Holy Mosques” of Mecca and Medina, as a key goal.
The proposal had been discussed since 2006, at the height of the Iraqi civil war, but work began in September last year after Isil’s charge through much of the west and north of the country gave it a substantial land border with the Kingdom to the south...Continue reading...

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Drone Photos Taken of Botswana’s Wildlife Will Take Your Breath Away!

It is no secret that we think that the natural world is made 100 times more breath taking thanks to the presence of wildlife. Healthy animals populations are a clear sign that an ecosystem is thriving … and really, what’s more beautiful than that?
Photographer Paul Souders understands our love for wildlife completely. Souders has worked as an award-winning wildlife photographer for over 30 years and his work is nothing short of remarkable...

UFO reports declassified: 130,000 pages of declassified UFO records now online

eCanadaNow, staff: NEW YORK – Recently the files of Project Blue Book, a once secret United States Air Force project that sought to carefully document reported sightings of unidentified flying objects, were made public and declassified for the first time in decades. Project Blue Book was launched in 1947 and was over by late 1969, after amassing over 130,000 documents on some 12,618 alleged UFO sightings by military members and civilians.
The Air Force project was based out of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio and ran from 1947 to 1969. Through the project, the Air Force amassed a total of 12,618 recorded sightings. Out of that total, 701 incidents remain “unidentified.” A University of Colorado report called the “Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects” found that “there has been no evidence indicating that sightings categorized as ‘unidentified’ are extraterrestrial vehicles,” according to a 1985 Air Force fact sheet. Project Blue Book officially ended on Dec. 17, 1969.
Military Times reports:

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Meghan Trainor "All About That Bass '

<a href="/channel/UCf3cbfAXgPFL6OywH7JwOzA" class=" yt-uix-sessionlink     spf-link  g-hovercard" data-sessionlink="ei=cVO9VPOvA9agqAPFtYG4BQ" data-name="" data-ytid="UCf3cbfAXgPFL6OywH7JwOzA">MeghanTrainorVEVO</a>
M eghan Trainor

Pet of the Week: Moe

Brenda Wilson with Texas Humane Heroes, and she's brought along Moe today.Moe is a seven-month-old domestic shorthair mix. KVUE

Islam, and the Tail of a Scorpion

By Douglas V. Gibbs 

Islam does not apologize, does not assimilate, and does not accept any other law than Muslim law.  Their goal is absolute domination.  Anything or anyone that says otherwise is either lying, or have been fooled into believing lies.
Freedom of Speech, according to Muslims, according to the socialists, and according to the liberal left appeasers, must be curbed.  You are allowed to say whatever you want, as long as it fits into the little bubble of allowed speech the rulers and terrorists tell you that you can say.  Everything else is unacceptable, because it might make the aggressors angry.
The Islamic terror attacks in Paris, specifically when Charlie Hebdo was targeted, was about quelling free speech, and after free speech has been horrifically attacked, the response has been, “Be careful what you say.  We don’t want to make the peaceful people of the religion of peace angry.”
That would be like being in a fist fight because the other guy ran up to you and just started beating on you, and everyone watching the altercation screaming, “That’s what you get for making him mad!”
Pope Francis went so far as to say, “It’s normal. You cannot provoke. You cannot insult the faith of others. You cannot make fun of the faith of others… there is a limit.”
Christians are constantly being bombarded by attacks, insults, and poking by leftist secularists making fun of faith in Jesus Christ. . . but the last time I checked, nobody is worried about Christian terrorists strapping bombs on their bodies, or slaughtering thousands of innocent people, for daring to insult Christianity...Continue reading...

Ezra Levant ordered to pay $80,000 in libel suit

By Joseph Brean, Postmedia News: In his blogging about Canada's hate speech laws, rightwing personality Ezra Levant defamed a young law student as a serial liar, a bigot and a Jew-hating "illiberal Islamic fascist," bent on destroying Canada's tradition of free expression, a judge has found.
For these unfair, false and "extremely serious" written comments, which were motivated by "ill will," and showed a "reckless disregard for the truth," Levant must pay Khurrum Awan $80,000, Judge Wendy Matheson of Ontario Superior Court ruled Thursday.
Awan is now a lawyer in Saskatchewan, but in 2007 he was the public face of a campaign to protest the representation of Muslims in Maclean's magazine. This led to three failed human rights complaints and spurred Canada's first online culture war over the hate speech section of the Canadian Human Rights Act.
The judge rejected the argument of Iain MacKinnon, Levant's lawyer, that readers of his blog would not take his comments "at face value" because they would be "well aware of Mr. Levant's penchant to stir controversy and make outlandish comments."
She ordered Levant to remove the posts from his website within 15 days - they have been posted there for years - and pay Awan $50,000 in general damages plus $30,000 in aggravated damages.
"Mr. Awan is very pleased with the decision and is grateful that at long last he has been vindicated," said his lawyer, Brian Shiller.
Levant called the ruling "very troubling" and said he felt compelled to appeal. "This is a shocking case of libel chill that should concern any Canadian who is worried about radical Islam, and the right to call out anti-Semitism in the public square," he said.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Photos That Prove We’re All Just Sheep

It’s happened to the best of us. We purchase a shirt, a pair of shoes, a hat that we love and think is totally unique—and then show up at school or work and see someone wearing the exact same thing. It’s a little embarrassing. Hans Eijkelboom takes that feeling to another level with People of the Twenty-First Century, a photo series that suggests we’re more like sheep than snowflakes...Continue reading, photos...

Thursday, January 15, 2015

New York’s new cat cafe, Meow Parlour

MADELINE Weinstein was reaching for the top of the shelves at Meow Parlour, New York’s new cat cafe, going for the ultimate prize: Roger, the most antisocial animal in the place. Down below, on floor level, nine other cats roamed, batting at toys, leaping exuberantly, bumping heads affectionately against the outstretched hands of customers. Roger remained aloof.
Ms. Weinstein, an actress who lives in Manhattan, extended the tips of her fingers to Roger’s nose. He took an exploratory sniff. She worked her hand behind his ears and began to scratch lightly. Roger began to thaw, then melt.
“I have two cats, so it’s kind of absurd that I’m here and paying for this,” Ms. Weinstein said. “But I can’t get too much cat in my life.”
Christina Ha, who opened Meow Parlour on Hester Street in mid-December with Emilie Legrand, one of her assistant chefs, is betting that the city is full of people who can’t get too much cat. The concept has been tried successfully in cities all over the world, notably in Japan, a cat-crazy country where landlords tend to prohibit pets. Why not New York?...Continue reading, photos...

Note to MailOnline: "Your nose is gonna grow"

“Particularly on the Left, political thought is a sort of masturbation fantasy in which the world of facts hardly matters.” ― George Orwell                                                                                                                                                                                                            I deleted a post that originated at Daily Mail Online and checked out another creation of theirs, that is it for Daily Mail Online. I will not even link back to them. I am not happy, I am livid, and I will check resources closely before posting. Thomas, please, enough, move on...
Johnny Crawford

Heartwarming Dog Portraits By 19-Year-Old Polish Photographer

 Alicja Zmyslowska is a 19-year-old pet photographer based in Poland that takes incredibly vibrant and lively portraits of dogs. Talk about a dream hobby!
When it comes to dog photography, Zmyslowska has all her bases covered – she says she’s done everything from sports photography (read: fetch) to show-ring photos. Our favorites, however, are her adorable portraits, which, by focusing on each dog as an individual, really bring out their individual characteristics and personalities.
Zmyslowska shoots her beautiful dog portraits with a wide array of gear, including the Canon 70-200mm, 85mm and 50mm lenses.
Read on for her interview with ViralTonic!..Continue, photos...

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New Vaudeville Band "Winchester Cathedral" New Vaudeville Band

Plants versus ants: voracious vegetation is victorious

   (Reuters) - A tricky insect-eating plant from Borneo is living proof that one need not have a brain to outsmart the opposition.
   Scientists say the tropical carnivorous plant regularly exploits natural weather fluctuations to adjust the slipperiness of its pitfall traps in order to capture and dine on batches of ants at a time rather than individual ants.
   The research involved an Asian species of pitcher plant, so named because its leaves form cup-shaped insect traps that look like a pitcher.
   When the rim of the plant becomes wet, it gets extremely slippery and ants walking on the surface fall victim to the voracious vegetation.
In hot, sunny weather, however, the surface dries and becomes safe for ants to visit. Individual ants serving as scouts for their colonies discover and collect sweet nectar from the trap and return to their nest to tell their fellow ants where to find a nice meal.
   Numerous ants then march unwittingly into the trap in search of food and are captured because the plant has made its trap slippery and inescapable. So by letting the individual scouts escape, the plant eventually manages to capture much more prey.
   To control when its trap is slippery, the pitcher plant secretes sugary nectar that primes the trapping surface to become wet through condensation at lower humidity levels than other plant surfaces. That activates the trap during afternoons when many day-active insects are still out and about.
   "Of course a plant is not clever in the human sense - it cannot plot. However, natural selection is very relentless and will only reward the most successful strategies," said biologist Ulrike Bauer of Britain's University of Bristol, who led the study being published on Wednesday in the scientific journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B.
   There are about 600 species of carnivorous plants known worldwide. The pitcher plants generally grow in nutrient-poor habitats, which is why they capture animal prey to feed on. Most species trap insects. A few attract small mammals and collect their feces for nourishment.
   "What superficially looks like an arms race between nectar robbers and deadly predators could in fact be a sophisticated case of mutual benefit," Bauer said.
   "As long as the energy gain (eating the nectar) outweighs the loss of worker ants, the ant colony benefits from the relationship just as much as the plant does."
(Reporting by Will Dunham; Editing by Peter Cooney)

Fox News man is 'idiot' for Birmingham Muslim comments – David Cameron. Idiot?

"Ïdiot" that is a tad harsh, and he apologized. Mr. Cameron has taken his eye off the ball and "methinks he dost protest too much". I take an interest in England, being born there. England needs another Winston Churchill. 5                                                                                                                                                                                                       Related:                                     See also: The Islamisation of Briton

Eclipse, a dog in Seattle, rides bus herself to local dog park

SEATTLE — A dog in Seattle has learned how to ride the bus to take herself to the local dog park.
It all began when owner Jeff Young said he would stop for a cigarette on his way to the dog park and if the bus arrived before he was done, Eclipse, the dog would get on without him.
“We get separated,” Young said. “She gets on the bus without me, and I catch up with her at the dog park.”
Eclipse is a black lab, bullmastiff mix.
A spokesperson for Metro Transit said they love the fact that Eclipse is a supporter of public transit.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

John Prine and Iris DeMent "In Spite of Ourselves"

Here's how we deal with dangerous rogue cops in Idaho...

a warning!
To whomever is setting these non-permitted traps, please stop. We've already had to free Deputy Vannatter twice this week. Also, as Deputy Fly found out, the powder on the powdered doughnuts you're using for bait is very hard to get out of our green uniforms.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding in this very delicate matter.

African Wildlife Through The Lens of Jaco Marx

Jaco Marx is a dentist by profession and a photographer by passion. Currently living in central South Africa, Marx spends most of his free time photographing the African wilderness, both to simply enjoy his passion, as well as to document the wildlife  around him. And the results are just breathtakingly gorgeous!
He says: “My mission with my photography is to influence people; to change the way we think about wildlife,To realize in what fragile state nature finds itself in these times we live: less habitat and more people, fauna and flora under severe pressure. Photography is a powerful tool for conservation.”
To learn more about his work, be sure to visit  his website...Continue, photos...

China Spacecraft Enters Orbit around the Moon - ScientificAmerican

After releasing a test return capsule, the service module is headed for Moon orbit after loitering at Earth-Moon L2. Credit: China Space Website

By Leonard David and
A Chinese spacecraft service module has entered orbit around the moon, months after being used in the country's landmark test flight that sent a prototype sample-return capsule on a flight around the moon and returned it to Earth.
The service module from China's circumlunar test flight arrived in orbit around the moon this week, according to Chinese state media reports. The spacecraft is currently flying in an eight-hour orbit that carries it within 125 miles (200 kilometers) of the lunar surface at its closest point, and out to a range of 3,293 miles (5,300 km) at its highest point.
According to chief engineer Zhou Jianlian of the Beijing Aerospace Control Center the module will make its second and third braking in the early hours of today (Jan. 12) and tomorrow, Beijing time. Doing so will enable the module to enter a 127-minute orbit around the moon, Zhou said. [China's 1st Round-trip Moon Shot in Pictures]...Continue reading, video...

Monday, January 12, 2015

"Come Ride With Me" Dave Stamey

Stoecklein Photography

Dog photos galore posted on Facebook for Arizona teen

By Terry Tang, Associated Press

What started out as a simple Facebook request for photos of dogs for a 16-year-old cancer patient has since turned the pet-loving boy into an Internet celebrity.
Anthony Lyons' love for the therapy dogs that greet him during his treatments for leukemia led a family acquaintance to put up a Facebook event page the week before Christmas to re-create the experience online.
The request, "Photo Doggies for Anthony," resulted in thousands of pooch pictures and cheered up Anthony, but it also has evoked gifts and gestures in the real world.
The attention has brought Anthony offers for donations of real dogs. People have mailed him stuffed animals. Someone offered New York Yankees tickets. Businesses wanting to capitalize on the attention have come out of the woodwork as they try to profit from the story.
While it might be tempting to use the notoriety to get money for medical and household expenses, Anthony's mother said she is adamant about not turning the page into a for-profit operation.
"No one is benefiting other than just their own happiness. And that makes me happy right now," Kristen Lyons said. "This is honestly the best thing that's ever happened to us — ever. It's given us something to do besides lay around and wait for the next 'sick' thing to happen."...Continue reading...

Cannabis queen Jodie Emery hopes to run for Liberals, but can her controversial husband and Justin Trudeau get along?

The old building at 307 West Hastings Street is like a marijuana super store, without any marijuana for sale. There’s a large retail shop on the ground level that offers old-school pipes and papers and bongs, and pricey high-tech vaporizers for the modern, more health-conscious crowd. Upstairs there’s a comfortable if malodorous lounge where bring-your-own cannabis products are openly consumed. Tobacco smoking is not allowed.
Everywhere there are illustrations and pictures of this town’s patron saint of marijuana, the so-called Prince of Pot, Marc Emery. This is his joint, and on most days since his release last summer from a U.S. prison, where he served a five-year sentence for selling marijuana seeds, he can be found inside his store or in the lounge, getting high and handing out free samples of potent hash oils and what he calls his “8-bud blend.”
Mr. Emery is as cantankerous as ever, directing written and verbal jabs at anyone whom he considers an enemy of the marijuana freedom and legalization movement, and to those whom he perceives as threats to himself and his wife, Jodie. His targets include Stephen Harper, whom both Emerys despise.
They have also included Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau. Which is a problem for Jodie...Continue reading...                                                                                                                                                                                                                    See also...Jodie Emery: Liberal party dismissive of my nomination.