Thursday, December 17, 2015

Malaysia’s obsession with Syria (Sunni at war with Shiite)

Pak Tam Derma;   At the UN General Assembly 2015, Prime Minister Najib Razak pledged that Malaysia will bring in 3,000 Syrian refugees into the country. That, at the expense of the plight of the Rohingya refugees, while he and Umno are still mired in the 1MDB scandal and Malaysia is currently in an economic quagmire.
Such is one of the symptom of the mainstream Muslim community in Malaysia. The other symptom is the reports of hundreds of Malaysian Muslims who ran to Syria to join IS and fight a jihad there. They have favoured Syria over their own country, for what?
   Mainstream Muslims are in thrall of Syria. Mention “Syria” and it becomes a trigger word for Muslims to their wanting to help free Syria from the Assad regime. This desire to help Syria has gone to such extremes that it becomes an obsession. Such Malaysians are willing to take a bullet for Syria rather than fellow Malaysians suffering under the weight of corruption.
   A lot of readers have pointed out that Syrians are favoured more than other any victim because of their fairer skins. But ask any typical Malaysian Muslim and they will answer back two things: Syrians suffer because Bashir Assad is a sort of a Shiite Hitler oppressing the ‘true’ Muslims; and that the greater Apocalypse is about to happen in Syria and every Muslim must obliged to fight there to usher in the incoming End.
   First answer is behind the recent discrimination of the local Shiite community. Since Bashir Assad is Shiite, every Shiite Muslim is suspected as an agent of Assad bent on sowing discord between Muslims. Shiites are deemed by mainstream Ahli Sunnah Waljannah Muslims as wanting to slaughter the ‘true’ Muslims and must be stopped preemptively first before they ‘kill’ them...Read more>>.

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