Monday, January 25, 2016

Villager Jim: The anonymous photographer and his sleeping dog

Dilly sleeping - "One of the most viewed Labrador pictures in the world" [photo Villager Jim]
   Dubbed the "Banksy of the photographic world", the mysterious Villager Jim only picked up a camera a few years ago but now makes his living from taking wildlife snaps.
Here, he explains how a picture of his dog went viral, his passion for wildlife, and how he is enjoying being anonymous.
   "Everybody knows my Dilly shot, says Villager Jim.
   "I think it is one of the most viewed Labrador pictures in the world."
   He said the photo came about after his dog came back from a walk and was "nodding off" in a chair at their Peak District home.
   "I had just bought a new lens and was resting it on my hands," he said. "Like a kid with a new toy."
   "So, I took a photo and that one picture has changed my life."...Continue reading, photos...

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