Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Weaponizing Humor and Ridicule Against ISIS

How do you fight an idea?
Governments and NGOs are trying to do so in a variety of ways—community outreach, tough policing, aggressive tweeting—in the quest to ‘counter violent extremism,’ mostly of the ISIS and al Qaeda variety.
But the jury remains out whether these high-minded efforts are indeed generating desired results. One only has to glance at the scientific studies that show how arguing with, say, anti-vaccination activists makes them cling more tightly to their beliefs. It’s possible deploying earnest arguments with the ISIS-curious may paradoxically end up reinforcing their worldview.
So let’s try something different than just being earnest and serious. Instead, let’s ridicule ISIS on a global scale....>>http://www.overtaction.org/2016/05/weaponizing-humor-and-ridicule-against-isis/

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