Saturday, March 11, 2017

The New Journalism – Balancing What You Say with What They Hear

                                 Photo Credit: Yaniv Nadav / Flash 90 [jewishpress.const-israel]

by Paula R. Stern
    Canadian journalists - Paul Workman and Orly Halpern came to Maale Adumim. They filed their report - well, that's probably a compliment. What they filed wasn't really so much of a report as their opinion, their agenda. I wrote about it here.

What was clear about the CTV show was that it was misleading - intentionally so. It did not represent facts on the ground, historical accuracy, or what I said during the four hours I spent with them.

What's nice is that the story has been picked up in a variety of places...

IsraellyCool - CTV Guilty of Picture Abuse

The New Journalism - Balancing what you say with what they hear

Honest Reporting - CTV News Report an Anti-Israel Diatribe

Jewish Press

A Canadian citizen filed a protest with the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council (CBSC). Honest Reporting of Canada filed a complaint as well. Both of these required CTV to respond to the complaints.

I also filed a complaint.What's not nice is that CBSC has refused to accept the complaint I filed with them because, not being a Canadian citizen, I didn't have the opportunity to see the video broadcast live...never mind the fact that it was videotaped LIVE right before my eyes.

I have requested that CBSC honor my complaint and investigate. From what I understand, they might be able to request the full video that was taken before it was cut to smithereens by the Workman/Halpern team. I have requested this video twice - both times I have received simplistic responses like they don't know if the video has been deleted, that it is in Toronto, that they don't have an update...

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