Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Best Landscape Photographer You've Never Heard Of

I adore a good landscape image. And it goes without saying that few things can take your breath away quite like an incredible image of mountains, valleys, spires, oceans, even castles and cities. After all, what is larger than life, or at least larger than us, can be far more awe inspiring than most portraits. However, the craft of landscape photography is hardly a matter of planning a vacation and bringing a tripod, which is about where my landscape "skills" end.
The good news is, the best landscape photography artists do far more than simply go on holiday with their trusty Manfrotto. In short, I am fully aware that they work harder for one image than I do for several magazine pictorials over several weeks. And because of this, the inspiring photography that they create is out there for us to behold. But the good news doesn't end there, as today I'm happy to showcase, quite simply, the greatest landscape photographer you've never heard of...Read More, Photos...

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