Friday, December 19, 2014

These Beautiful Old Books Are a Bibliophile’s Dream

By Jordan G. Teicher
Beyond the tales within their pages, old books have stories of their own. The weathered and sometimes seriously battered books in Simon Brown’s ongoing series, “The Weight of Knowledge,” which is on view at Benrubi Gallery in New York City until Dec. 20, are prime examples.
The London-based photographer’s teenage son was struggling to study for his GCSE exams a few years ago when Brown came up with an idea to cheer him up. In his studio, Brown stacked a bunch of books from his own collection on top of a school desk and snapped a picture.
“I called the photo “The Impossible Weight of Knowledge,” to allude to how difficult learning can be,” Brown said. “My son’s a very well-tempered person. He thought it was a good joke...Read more, photos...

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