Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Brad Wall calls for pause in Liberal plan to bring in 25K refugees

Rebel Mediasmalldeadanimals.com

Related: One wonders why these Muslim countries are not accepting refugees. Are they really refugees, or is it the Trojan Horse.

"...And I’m certain that they would be more than welcome into the holy cities of Mecca and Medina where they already have houses of worship that can accommodate millions of pilgrims - so the House of Saud will no longer have to bribe pay other countries to build mosques in exchange for accepting the undesirable unfortunate refugees.
I’m quite certain that they wouldn’t mind taking in a few million thugs jihadis refugees from war torn lands in the region; after all theirs is the religion of peace, tranquility  and tolerance.  And think how joyous the refugees will be, celebrating their numerous most holy holidays with their fellow worshipers rather than heathens in the West..." Location, Location, Location!

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