Saturday, November 21, 2015

Good-bye, - Is Coming. Summary

EU Council President Van Rompuy announces the existence of the one-world government since 2009.                                                 Posted by Anders under Deutsch, Euromed:
   I found that this is the Rockefeller/ Brzezinkski  Trilateral Commission´s plan, the EU being the actual model for the elite´s one-world government, which is Agenda 21, adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2013. Its terrible urbanization was praised by EU Council President, the Jesuit and Bilderberger Hermann van Rompuy. The EU project incl. the euro was launched and initially paid for by the Rothschild/Rockefeller  Council on Foreign Relations in collaboration with Nazis, as a corporative EU Ltd. with the Nazi- IG Farben as its model.  For many years, the EU was financed with recovered Nazi money and was planned  in 1944  by the Gestapo as the 4. Reich: A German financial superpower under supranational umbrella (The Trilateral Commission´s men from Rothschild´s Goldman Sachs) for Europe´s New Order.
   The One-World-State is to be a merger of the North American Free Trade Association - the NAFTA (developing into  the North American Union) , the EU and the  ASEAN + 3 for a start. States which are opposed to this transglobal  belt, i.e. Middle Eastern and  Central Asian countries,  are being conquered militarily for the NWO.
   The Arabs never took an interest in the Euro-Mediterranean Process - apart from taking the money that the EU so generously offers for projects. This money is  widely not implemented on the agreed projects - it was invested by the European Investment Bank so that it largely disappeared into tax havens and the pockets of “partner” dictator friends. Now the EU offers “partner countries” an “advanced status” - already bestowed upon Morocco, which is known for the genocide of Western Saharan Africans and terrible persecutions of Christians. This country and Tunisia (next “advanced partner”) are governed by the fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood has a detailed plan for the Islamization of Europe - apparently with the blessing of the EU. Also, Jordan has an “advanced status“.
    This means the four freedoms of the EU, including - in time - free immigration into the EU  for such “partners”!..Continue reading...

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