Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Eagle attacks boy at birds of prey show in Alice Springs

A wedge-tailed eagle at Alice Springs Desert Park, Australia, flies at a young boy and latches on to his head. Photograph: Christine O’Connell/@55chris 

   A wedge-tailed eagle that was part of a birds of prey show at Alice Springs Desert Park flew at a young boy and latched on to his head with its talons instead of flying over to a perch as it had been trained to.
   The moment was captured by a visitor to the park, Christine O’Connell, who uploaded an image on to Instagram of the eagle seemingly attempting to drag away the boy, who was wearing a green hoodie.
   O’Connell wrote as the caption: “At a nature park in Alice Springs we decided to go to a bird show the young boy in the green kept pulling his zipper up and down. For some reason the wedge-tailed eagle did not like it and instead of flying over to the log he is meant to for a photo opportunity he flew straight at the young boy and attacked him.”...

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