Friday, July 22, 2016

Orphan Elk Befriends Firefighters At Work In The Woods

   Some wild animals in the woods can be a little unfriendly, especially if they think that people are trespassing in their space.
   But others are surprisingly social and want to check out what you’re doing in the wild as much as you want to with them.
   Animals are just like us and just want to feel like they have a home, a pack, or a family to travel with. That way, even if they are facing abuse or abandonment, they at least have an ally by their side like these blind cat brothers.
   Unfortunately, poor Buttons the elk was displaced from her family and has become a common sight in Kittitas County, Washington, where she roams with cows and goats. 
   Some may think that the abandonment and solidarity would make Buttons mean and aggressive. But the county’s team of firefighters saw her amazing true colors while they were fighting a wild fire in the woods...Continude reading, photos>>

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