Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Native American (Indians of 1916) moving again USA - 360Cities Panorama

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This antique photograph appears to be of a Native American tribe of "Indians", several with suitcases, evidently being moved (again?), and marked as originally photographed in June of 1916 (over 100 years ago). 

In this experimental test (faux 360° fully-spherical panorama), I have manipulated the damaged original (with Photoshop, PTGui and Pano2VR) to appear as if they were circled tightly around the photographer.

This was posted under the designation heading offered, "Out of this World", due to the facts that this was not a photo of my taking (and I couldn't make out the photographer's name under one of the suitcases) and that this place likely no longer looks familiar in our timeframe (someone years ago suggested they thought they were a tribe in the middle of some California hills, but I truly do not know). I trust any copyright has been dropped and this is therefore in the public domain, or at least in "fair use", and it has been over 80% altered in various ways.  ;) ...

Native American (Indians of 1916) moving again

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