Thursday, October 13, 2016

Siberian Cat Cafe the cat’s meow

Siberian Cat Cafe
Kristen Calis / Metroland
CHELSEA, QUE -- The Siberian Cat Cafe in Chelsea, Que. has all of the furniture a cat would enjoy, as well as tables and couches for human patrons. September 2016

By Kristen Calis
    I recently visited Ottawa for a weekend, and the ultimate highlight of my trip was not Parliament Hill, the National Gallery of Canada nor the Rideau Canal.
    It was the Siberian Cat Cafe in nearby Chelsea, Que.
    It was clean, bright and inviting to humans, complete with cozy nooks and crannies for the cats that live there. Since Siberian cats are hypoallergenic, and the cafe houses Siberian cats only, it’s pleasant even for people who have allergies.
    Here’s how it works.   
    My friend and I entered in the bistro area, where we were greeted by a host. We ordered our coffee and he asked if we would be sitting inside with the cats. Of course we were. He then told us the ground rules, which were really quite simple. No picking them up off the ground, no playing with our fingers (they don’t want the cats to see all fingers as toys) and no disturbing them if they’re sleeping or eating. Fair enough.
    The bistro area and a patio make it possible for non-cat lovers to get their caffeine fix as well.   
But we cat lovers washed our hands and went through the door into the cat salon. It had cat condos, and plenty of structures for the felines, and a big window sill where they could bask in the sunlight. A bird feeder on the other side of the window keeps the cats entertained.
    I found a table, thinking I’d like to observe the cats, but soon enough, I was walking around with my coffee, greeting and petting the beautiful felines and, of course, using all the memory on my phone taking photos of them. There were plenty of comfortable couches and chairs for humans to sit on as well.
    It was like therapy. Everybody was in a good mood...

                                                                                                Siberian Cat Cafe

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