Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Canada needs pot-impaired driver education before legalizing, says CAA

 Marijuana, seen here growing in the middle of a residential street, could soon be legalized under the Trudeau Liberals. (Jonathan Hayward/Canadian Press)

By: Bruce Cheadle, The Canadian Press
OTTAWA - The Canadian Automobile Association is lobbying for a government-funded public education program to warn of the dangers of cannabis-impaired driving before Canada legalizes recreational pot.    Police will also need more funding to learn how to recognize and investigate drug-impaired drivers, says the CAA.
   The Liberal government has promised to introduce legislation legalizing recreational marijuana next spring and a committee report on the process is expected at the end this month.
   The CAA helped fund a study by the Ottawa-based Traffic Injury Research Foundation that suggests legalization will pose "incredible challenges" for managing pot-impaired drivers.
   The study is sure to inflame the escalating propaganda war over marijuana's harms and benefits, because it is premised on the assumption that access to legal cannabis will increase traffic accidents.
   The CAA commissioned a poll that found almost two thirds of respondents are worried roads will become more dangerous after legalization...

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