Monday, November 21, 2016

When will conservatives quit supporting leftist TV networks and social media?

by | 11-20-16

 Look what a few black ingrates in the NFL kneeling during the National Anthem have done to revenue in that circus! It’s crashing as viewership has collapsed as much as 20% of the “Proles” finally realized they actually could live without watching huge, overpaid men run into each other and disrespect our country on Sundays.

Now comes the “Alt-Right” and “Fake Media” purge from Google, Facebook, Twitter, and the rest of the leftist-controlled media behemoths. All of which enjoy yuuuge support from the very conservatives who are being banned for being “Alt-Right.” What is “Alt-Right” to leftists? YOU!

 So how do we stop our ideological enemies in the Mainstream Media and Social Media from furthering their poisonous message? In the wise words of Billy Ray Valentine in the movie “Trading Places,” “the best way to get back at rich people is to make them poor!” So why do we support media empires that are designed to control and indoctrinate us while destroying our freedoms?

 Rich leftists in the Mainstream Media are part of The Establishment! The Establishment is protected because the Mainstream Media in all its forms is designed to spread propaganda and socialist dogma while destroying American traditional values. For this reason, Andrew Breitbart deemed the Mainstream Media the biggest threat to America. It is difficult to disagree... Frank Zappa saw the danger TV poses to us many decades ago. Here’s “I’m The Slime” performed on Saturday Night Live:
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