Thursday, January 12, 2017

RCMP says travel not recommended throughout Sask.

Saskatchewan roads are covered with blowing snow this morning.
Bryan Schlosser / Regina Leader~Post

Regina Leader-Post, Regina Leader~Post:    After receiving reports of whiteout conditions throughout the province and responding to a serious collision near Prince Albert, the RCMP is not recommending travel throughout Saskatchewan.
   The whiteout conditions are due to blowing snow. The RCMP said it has had reports from detachments all over the province of bad weather, and cars in ditches because of the conditions.
   At 4:15 p.m. on Wednesday, Prince Albert RCMP responded to a three-vehicle collision 10 kilometres west of the city on Highway 3. The highway was temporarily closed in both directions while the scene was cleared. Although the collision was described as serious, police did not provide details on any injuries.
   If you do end up in the ditch, the RCMP recommends calling 411 to locate a tow truck. Be sure the tail pipe of your vehicle is clear, and keep the vehicle running to stay warm. Stay in your vehicle and wait for the truck. If you decide to pull over at the side of the rode, pull over to the far right of the shoulder or on an approach...

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