Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Are 100,000 Abortions in Canada Not Enough? Justin Trudeau Wants $600 Million to Fund More

 International   Mike Schouten   Feb 6, 2017   
  On January 23, President Trump re-enacted the Mexico City Policy, an order that ensures U.S. foreign aid will not subsidize abortion overseas. This is leadership on behalf of the voiceless. It is also the fruit of many years of hard work by American pro-lifers.
   So how is Canada responding? Shockingly, our federal government is talking with the Netherlands and other nations to step up to the plate and raise $600 million to bail out programs run by International Planned Parenthood Federation!
   Understand this correctly – Canada’s government is now actively exploring opportunities overseas to contribute even more of your tax dollars towards the killing of pre-born children...

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