Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Fisheries minister to announce protection for ancient glass sponge reefs

Lisa Johnson, CBC News
 These finger goblet sponges are some of the rare glass sponges in Hecate Strait. (Fisheries and Oceans Canada) 
   Federal Fisheries Minister Dominic LeBlanc is expected to announce today a long-awaited Marine Protected Area for Canada's rare glass sponge reefs, found on the B.C. coast.
   The kind of glass sponge found in B.C. was thought to have died off 40 million years ago, before the discovery of fragile living reefs in Hecate Strait, near Haida Gwaii, in 1987.
   "The sponge reefs are amongst the most ecologically sensitive and significant parts of the coastline," said LeBlanc on Wednesday.
   "We will protect them, and we will protect them in a robust way."
   A Marine Protected Area is a zone in the ocean designated by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans with tighter regulations, meant to conserve and protect something endangered, unique or ecologically important...http://www.cbc.ca/beta/news/canada/british-columbia/leblanc-sponge-announcement-1.3984590

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