Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Lloydminster woman and pet pig return home after favourable ruling

Lloydminster resident Stacey Walton is petitioning the City of Lloydminster to change its bylaws so she can keep her pet pig Arnold. Photos from Facebook. Saskatoon

   A Lloydminster woman and her beloved micro pig Arnold have moved back into the city after a judge ruled the 32-kilogram swine is a pet, not livestock.

Stacey Walton received a ticket last summer for violating the City of Lloyminster’s domestic animal bylaw, which forbids keeping livestock in the city. She was fined $100 and told to get rid of Arnold, who she purchased nearly two years ago at a rare and exotic animal sale.

Walton couldn’t bear to part with the pig, who sleeps in her bed and hangs out at the garage where she works. She fought the ticket in court earlier this spring, calling her boyfriend and members of her family to testify to the fact that Arnold is more similar to a pet dog than livestock.

That may have helped sway the judge, who told Walton last week that she can keep the critter within city limits.

“I was very happy. I ran and grabbed my pig, brought him to the shop,” Walton said...http://thestarphoenix.com/news/local-news/lloydminster-woman-and-pet-pig-return-home-after-favourable-ruling

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