Monday, May 15, 2017

Apps, Sites, Info: ICMN’S 2017 Native Travel Information Guide

 Perhaps your Native travel plans will take you to Bishop Paiute Territory, near the Buttermilk boulders. Photo by Thosh Collins


As the snow begins to melt across the Great Plains, the desert temperatures reach above the 80s, and the skies turn brighter from coast to coast, we embrace spring and know that summer will be here in no time. Across Indian country in North America, this season means Native travel.

We all know that all land in North America is indigenous land, but unfortunately, Native stories and aboriginal information are often left off mainstream travel and tourism guides, maps and digital resources. We also know that there are pockets of the tourism industry that continue to appropriate Native culture and misinform the public on our true history and culture. Fortunately, lots of people and programs are working hard to get the right information out there. We now have access to dozens of apps and websites with real Native travel information, and the list continues to grow...

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