Thursday, July 13, 2017

A Guide to the Many Religions on Game of Thrones


 Catelyn and Ned in the godswood at Winterfell.

 Almost everything on Game of Thrones is complicated — the family trees, the politics, the geography, the languages, etc. You name it, it’s harder to understand than whatever’s going on this week on say, Grey’s Anatomy. This extra thorough level of detail extends to the religions in Game of Thrones, which as the show has progressed, have become increasingly important to the story. Season five saw the Faith of the Seven taken to its most fundamentalist extremes, and now, going into season seven, it seems likely that the whole Lord of Light/Prince Who Was Promised thing will come up again. Below, a handy guide to the most important faiths kept by the people of Westeros and Essos. May the Crone guide you on this journey...

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