Saturday, July 22, 2017

Eagle vs. cow: Deroche resident captures photos of big bird's cattle battle

After an eagle scooped one of her prized hens, a Deroche woman captured photos of the neighbour's cows fighting with the raptor — though probably not in defence of the chickens. Submitted / Emilie Henderson
An eagle hungry for chicken found itself beefing with a local cow earlier this week.

Emilie Henderson of Deroche, just east of Mission, snapped the pictures after an eagle swooped down to snatch one of her hens on Tuesday.
“All my chickens were kind of squawking and making a racket,” she said, ”and I had been giving my kids a bath at the time so I couldn’t see what was going on.”

When she finally stepped outside, she startled the invading eagle, who flew out of the chicken pen with a hen in its talons.

Rather than try to defend her birds, Henderson broke out her camera.

“Well, the chicken’s probably already dead, but at least I can try to get some cool pictures,” she said, explaining her thought process...

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