Thursday, August 9, 2018

Confusing race and religion is dangerous

Todd Essig Ph.D.

 Religion is about faith and practice, not blood

I had to read it twice. I couldn't believe what was on the screen at Psychology Today. But there it was:  "Anybody who believes Barack Obama is Christian must also believe that Michael Jackson was white" and then that President Obama is a Muslim because his "father was a Muslim Kenyan, descended from a long line of Muslims." Yikes!

What's going on here? Had Rupert Murdoch bought PT and brought us under the Fox umbrella? Or worse? Has it suddenly become acceptable to (mis)use psychology to support the classic genocidal lie that people of different religions are different races?

Think about it.This dangerous religion-equals-race ideology lumps Latin American Catholics with Irish Catholics; puts Moroccan Jews in the same genetic bin with my ancestors from Lithuanian, Polish, and German shtetls; and erases racial differences between Indonesian Muslims and Lebanese Muslims. Doesn't make much sense, does it?...

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 Islam is not a race...Islam is simply a set of beliefs...

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