Thursday, August 9, 2018

Israel Under Attack While World Yawns

 Hamas launched over 150 rockets and mortar shells at southern Israel overnight. Thankfully, no-one was killed, although three Israelis were injured, at least eight others were treated for panic attacks (including two pregnant women who went into labor), and several homes and factories in Israeli communities were damaged.

 But make no mistake about it. The terrorists were aiming to kill and maim. Thankfully, their aim is sometimes off, and our government has invested in Iron Dome and bomb shelters.
Israel has responded by striking more than 140 terror targets in Gaza, including a weapons manufacturing & storage facility, a complex used for the Hamas’ naval force, a military compound used for rocket launching experiments, a factory for tunnel components, a coastal attack tunnel, several terror sites in military compounds and Hamas targets. A number of palestinians have been killed, terrorists and civilians alike.

But make no mistake about it. The IDF is targeting the terrorists and their infrastructure only, and is not aiming to kill or injure civilians. The main reasons palestinian civilians are sometimes killed are 1. The terrorists deliberately place them in harm’s way, operating out of civilian areas and placing their infrastructure among them or close by 2. Hamas has not invested in bomb shelters, but rather spent their money on things like rockets, mortars and terror tunnels...

See also:  Live updates as Israel and Hamas continue to exchange fire.

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