Wednesday, February 6, 2013

35,000 cranes at Agamon Lake in Hula valley, Israel

35,000 cranes at Agamon Lake in Hila valley ...
...“This whole area is amazing,” said Tim Mackrill, senior reserve officer at Rutland Osprey Project at the Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust, who is also working on a PhD about ospreys.
Pointing out the country’s special geographic position, Mackrill explained that birds from the northeast and northwest converge in Israel on the way to Africa for their winter migrations.
“Israel is such a unique place where three continents meet,” he told The Jerusalem Post. “In terms of birds, it’s one of the most important places in the world.”...Tomas Pojar, the ambassador of the Czech Republic to Israel, “Birds know no borders – they are all about freedom,” Pojar said. “Coming from a former communist country, birds have always been about freedom to me.”...Continue reading...

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