Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Lingerie Football: Super Sexy or Sexist?

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It is -30 C in Saskatoon.theweathernetwork.com By and ALLISON MARKOWITZ: With war paint smeared on their faces, football pads on their shoulders and garters dangling from their lace-trimmed shorts, the all-female football team known as The Chicago Bliss filed into their locker room at halftime. They were beating their Midwest rivals, the Green Bay Chill, but their coach was not at all pleased with how they were playing.
"Get your s--- together, that girl is kicking your f---ing ass," he yelled at one of the players.
Welcome to the Legends Football League, where ladies dressed in nothing but a bra, booty shorts and a hockey helmet play seven-on-seven football -- ground-stomping, body-bruising football.
In short, these ladies are no powder puffs -- but is the sport super sexy or just plain sexist?
With 12 all-female teams participating in two conferences, Eastern and Western, LFL promoters say this is the fastest growing pro-sports franchise in the country. The ladies fill arenas with all sorts of fans, drawing them in with shameless sex appeal and hoping they will stay to appreciate the athleticism...Read here...
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