Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Insatiable Traveler - photos are a worthy of a second look.

Susan Portnoy About this site:
I can never get enough when it comes to travel; I love the exploration, the adventure, and sharing my experiences through photography. Here you will find my images and stories, a few tips here and there, photographs that inspire me, a look back to past adventures, and my quest to rediscover the wonders of New York.

My last trip was to Kenya to photograph the great wildebeest migration. I'm slowly rolling out the stories and photos and I hope that you enjoy them. theinsatiabletraveler.comA SPOTTED REPEAT
I’ve posted this leopard before, though not this shot. I love the way the light catches his eyes, giving him a possessed look. Not that I’m particularly enamored of animals inhabited by the devil. But I do like how the sunrise adds an air of mystery to his already powerful face.

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