Thursday, March 12, 2015

Ceremony in Kuwait for Sergeant Doiron

A Poem from Roger Borchert in memory of Sergeant Doiron

In respect of the loss of Sgt. Andrew Joseph Doiron With spring time Just around the corner With hearts lifted, fancy free Thinking of the warmth to come Now drawn to our knees Dreams shattered, minds a chill Hearts numbed, by the news We lost a heart Oh Canada A gift to those in need To help to stamp the terror from Their homeland, from their streets The brave have stepped Forth to the task They place themselves within the midst They provide the knowledge Hard to find To greet the foe they meet No they didn’t have to go there They could safely, walk away But for heroes who step forth to save Bring our world a new day They know the dangers Know the pain Terror sows across our world And step to teach Stand to lead To others lend a hand A Special Forces Soldier For that is who he was Special not, just in what he did For the nation that he loved As hearts of those he served with break As tears well up in the eyes Of those who held him oh so dear Please know a nation holds you close In that darkest moment life unfolds For life was taken from A special Canadian soldier who Stood for a better world to come Your efforts Sgt. Doiron will not be forgotten. You are Canada, and you and your fellow troops are in our hearts. Sgt. Andrew Joseph Doiron we knew you not, but our prayers reach out for you, your loved ones, friends, and fellow soldiers. We do, so dearly, thank you and your loved ones for your efforts towards making our world a better place. By: Roger Borchert The Borchert Family, Morinville, Alberta

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