Saturday, September 17, 2016

Europe Just Outlawed Criticism of Islam!


Can’t we say “Don’t Like You, Mohammed”? Not in Europe.
     A legal entity in Europe has challenged the Austrian court to see if speaking against Mohammed is illegal (European Centre for Law and Justice, ‘Observations in the case of E.S.v.Austria’, application 38450/12).    The court in Austria has already passed judgment, that the ‘criminal’ must either pay a fine or end up in prison for sixty days. The legal body, ECLJ, feels so strongly about what they see as a miscarriage of justice, they have taken to founding a petition online (
    This as a vital form of opposition, given the widespread Islamic terror currently sweeping Europe. If this one person is silenced over stating what Mohammed actually did (took a girl age six and consummated marriage to her at age 9), and which is publicly stated by Islam, it means that Austria is binding itself to sharia law, and not to state law and freedom of speech...

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