Monday, September 19, 2016

Michael Den Tandt: Why Canada should abolish the Indian Act and reserve system

By Trudeau government cheerleader

THE CANADIAN PRESS/HOThe Northern Ontario reserve of Kaschechewan is seen in this undated handout aerial photo.The reserve system, knit together under the 1876 Indian Act, is an explicitly racist construction, one that holds 'Indians' to be little more than children, writes Michael Den Tandt.
   Should a national public inquiry be convened to shine a klieg light on the plight of missing and murdered indigenous women? Absolutely. But let there be no flinching from the result, wherever it may lead — even if that is a final indictment of the parlous reserve system itself, and a concerted push to abolish the Indian Act, appalling racist relic that it is, once and for all.
   RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson caused a stir Friday with the release of a letter, addressed to Grand Chief Bernice Martial of the Treaty No. 6 Nations, in which he confirmed the obvious: The majority of convicted murderers of aboriginal women, 70 per cent, are aboriginal men. Similar statistics gathered from among the non-aboriginal population, or any population, will reveal a similar ratio. That’s because violence against women and children is typically perpetrated by spouses and parents. As with child sexual abuse, the bugaboo of the stranger assailant is most often a construct. The far greater risk statistically is of an assault by a family member...

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