Wednesday, September 28, 2016

‘We’re not boring’: Toronto Blue Jays’ swagger rubbing other teams the wrong way

Scott Mitchell, Postmedia Network

TORONTO — The swagger that has manifested itself in the form of bat flips, dustups and youthful exuberance on the mound is exactly what’s helped the Blue Jays endear themselves to their city.
   It’s done the exact opposite across baseball.
   Ever get the feeling the Jays aren’t exactly liked these days?
  You aren’t wrong.
  The growing annoyance surrounding the Blue Jays’ ways was reiterated by the New York Yankees after Monday’s on-field drama at Rogers Centre had subsided.
  Following comments by Yankees third baseman and beanball target Chase Headley about Saturday starter Marcus Stroman “frickin’ screaming” at players from the mound and “yelling at guys to get off that ’effin field” after strikeouts, the brash 25-year-old shrugged it off while wearing his best ‘who cares?’ face.
  “We play with a lot of passion, we play with a lot of heart — we’re not boring,” Stroman said. “Boring people have problems with that. We’re not concerned with that.”...

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