Monday, June 5, 2017

President Trump: "Be a King Cyrus!"

                                           King Cyrus and US President Donald Trump

Temple Mount Faithful to President Donald Trump: "Declare, Call, and Stand with Israel to Build the Third Temple in Jerusalem Like King Cyrus of Persia Did in 536 bce."
"Call the Pope to Return the Temple Menorah and Articles to Jerusalem to Be Used by Israel in the Third Holy Temple, soon to Be Built, Like King Cyrus Did When He Returned the Temple Menorah and Articles from Babylon to Be Used in the Second Temple."

 The Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement blesses President Donald Trump upon his election as the next president to lead the United States of America. Today we are blessing President Donald Trump with an ancient Jewish blessing: "Blessed are You our LORD, King of Kings, for sharing His honor with human beings".

 Many in Israel think and believe that the election of President Donald Trump was not an accident, but rather an important part of end-time events that we are now experiencing during this very significant era of modern history. President Trump appeared suddenly from nowhere. He never was an active member or an official in any of the political parties in the United States. He came with a completely different vision from all other candidates in the recent elections and especially different from the previous president that served before him...

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