Friday, June 23, 2017

Vintage Snapshots of Swedish Midsummer looking suspiciously like a Spooky Cult

By Angelika Pokovba

                         image:from Miss Meadows Vintage Pearls

While the annual holiday of Midsummer typically brings to mind flower crowns and smorgasbords of perfectly-arranged picnic food, we’ve dug up some archive photographs from the Midsummers of yore, where the grainy black & white filters and old fashioned 19th century dress suddenly bring a distinctly more ‘culty’ vibe to the whole affair.
    The ancient holiday is deeply rooted in Christian religion and pagan tradition, celebrated in Northern Europe every year around the summer solstice when the days never go fully dark in the region. Long and cold winters make sure that the anticipation for this summer holiday even rivals Christmas celebrations...

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