Friday, November 15, 2013

Christianity Spreading at Remarkable Rate Among Middle, Upper Castes and Youth in Emerging 'New India'

[image]                                                                          By Press Release Christian News Wire On November 14, 2013
Christianity in India is growing at a rapid rate among middle and high caste Indians and young people, according to the latest issue of "Unfinished" magazine, which examines social, economic and cultural trends in the "new India."

The current "remarkable receptivity to Christ" across the entire spectrum of Indian society, which had been traditionally among only lower castes and marginalized communities, is one of five dominant themes identified by Indian anthropologist Prabhu Singh that define today's India and its missional challenges. In his article "Welcome to the New India" in the current issue of "Unfinished" (, Singh also explores new eras of "glocal" complex connectivity, heightened cultural sensitivity, alarming religious animosity and widening economic disparity...Continue reading...

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