Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Last Animals by Kate Brooks

 The Kenyan Police Reserve head out on evening patrol.The Kenyan Police Reserve head out on evening patrol.

The Last Animals 
Over the past two years, the slaughter of African elephants and rhinoceros has skyrocketed to supply international markets with their tusks and horns. Ivory has been dubbed the white gold of jihad and rhino horn now has a higher market value than cocaine and gold. With the expansion of radical Islamist and independent militias in Africa, along with criminal syndicates, the daring groups carrying out these bloody “harvests” are killing these animals at unprecedented rates.
In December of last year U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton issued a formal statement highlighting the crucial links between wildlife trade, terrorism and the security of international boarders. Since then, the Clinton Foundation has launched an 80 million dollar initiative to combat wildlife trafficking and President Obama has issued an executive order to tackle one of the largest illicit trades in the world.
The postcolonial chapter in international wildlife conservation efforts, which focused on establishing parks and protected areas, and appeasing the economic and developmental needs of local and regional communities, has not been enough to stop poaching...Continue reading...

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