Saturday, November 23, 2013

It’s 10pm - do you know where your moggy is? Wildlife campaigner calls for cat curfew

Mogs have taken over from dogs as the world’s No 1 pet
Calls for a cat curfew in the Hunter have been made amid concern about feline killing sprees further depleting native wildlife numbers.
Thousands of birds, lizards, frogs, possums and insects were victims of cats, along with other small mammals, reptiles and amphibians, environment groups say.
NSW was lagging behind Victoria and ACT, where cat curfews had been successful.
National Parks Association of NSW chief executive Kevin Evans advocates for stronger NSW laws, but said councils should be leading the push.
‘‘There’s a long way for NSW to catch up to other states, especially Victoria,’’ Mr Evans said.
In Victoria, councils have the power to prohibit and regulate cats in specified areas where native fauna are under risk of attack.
Lake Macquarie City Council said the NSW Companion Animals Act ‘‘does not give local governments the authority to introduce a curfew on cats’’.
However, the council had imposed covenants on properties in Murrays Beach and Cameron Park [near conservation areas], prohibiting owners from keeping cats...Read more...

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