Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Halifax cats get shelter from the cold

Raffy, a stray cat, looks out through the lattice on the deck of a Spryfield home. A few of the stray and feral cats in the area will have a warmer place to spend the night since Sackville High students have built a shelter. The other went to house stray cats in Lower Sackville. (RYAN TAPLIN / Staff)
By DAN ARSENAULT Staff Reporter
A handful of Halifax’s thousands of homeless cats got some new digs near a Spryfield woman’s home last Friday.
Shop students at Sackville High School built the small, white, wooden structure that has shelves, straw, cardboard boxes, two entrances and space for up to 12 felines.
Bunny Smith, who lives close to the shelter, said new cats are moving in.
“I had five over here, new ones that I never saw before,” she said Tuesday.
Another cat she rescued from the street earlier, Scoobie, is also spending time there. She couldn’t keep him in the house because he’d sometimes fight with Saucy, one of her other rescued cats.
Smith likes to feed and help other cats that are left to their own devices. There are a lot of feral cats in her neighbourhood and they face a lot of challenges to survive, she said...Continue reading...                                  

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