Wednesday, February 17, 2016

There’s A Huge Sea Eagle On The Loose In Kent And Dog Owners Are Worried

credit SWNS
 Yahoo News
   An aggressive nine foot sea eagle named Rex is at large in Kent today - and pet owners are being warned to watch out. 
   The hunting eagle, which went missing after a birds of prey demonstration, is capable of carrying off an adult dog weighing up to 13lbs. That’s around the size of an adult Shih Tzu, miniature poodle or Italian Greyhound.,.
 ...A Kent resident, who has a number of Jack Russell terriers, is making sure to keep his pack of small dogs inside, just in case.
   The local, who lives nearby, said: “We’re keeping the dogs inside - last thing I want to have to explain to my wife is why one of the dogs is soaring off into the sunset in the claws of a giant eagle.”...Read complete article here...

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