Tuesday, February 16, 2016

What is Cabin Fever?

   If you are claustrophobic, then you surely know what cabin fever is; the reaction of being claustrophobic in closed rooms, especially when a person is alone or isolated for a long period of time, is termed as cabin fever. The person, who suffers from this problem, is often irritated, especially when he is alone. The worst thing is that such an individual does not even know that he is going through such an issue. Cabin fever is also used as a term for lack of intercourse. Otherwise, it is considered to be claustrophobic reaction for being in an isolated or closed in area. When one is on an exploration, one feels very isolated from mainstream life and feels lonely and deserted. This causes cabin fever.
   Winter depression is also known as “cabin fever” and very closely associated with people who do not have anything to do for long hours suffer from this disorder. For example, those who go on explorations face this problem. One suffers from this condition during the winter times as many remain indoors for long hours on account of heavy snowfall outside. Some of the top cabin fever symptoms includes sleeplessness, boredom and irritability...Continue reading...

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