Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Thousands of birds make for spectacular sight above Kamloops

Bohemian waxwing.
Image Credit: Keith Williams via Flickr
  KAMLOOPS - If you’ve turned your eyes to the sky in recent weeks you may have noticed a rather large flock of birds flying back and forth over parts of the city, but don’t be alarmed, those birds don’t usually cause much damage and aren’t known as pests.
    The bohemian waxwings, as they are commonly known, often travel in flocks easily numbering into the hundreds, and eat the fruits on trees such as mountain ash and crab apples.
    Local wildlife enthusiast and provincial WildSafe B.C. coordinator Frank Ritcey estimates the flock flying over the Aberdeen area in recent weeks could be at 5,000 birds. He says there are several smaller flocks in and around the Kamloops area and likely came together for the large formations recently seen overhead.
“The smaller flocks will at times join up and then it is very impressive to see,” he says...Read more...

A large flock of bohemian waxwings forms over Aberdeen last week.

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