Monday, March 14, 2016

'Clean Up the River', Indigenous People Tell Justin Trudeau at the UN

By Natalie Alcoba
   "Prime Minister Trudeau says that 'Canada is back' as a leader on the world stage," Grassy Narrows Deputy Chief Randy Fobister said in a statement. "Canada has not met its duty to obtain free, prior, and informed consent from Grassy Narrows' Ojibway culture when it allowed timber companies to log on Grassy Narrows Indigenous homeland, nor when the company dumped 10 tonnes of mercury poison into the river of the Grassy Narrows people. Clean up the river."
   "Some of our children continue to be born with mercury poisoning and for decades nothing has been done to clean the poison from our river," Judy Da Silva, who spoke to the UN committee, said in a statement. "In the past Canada has not respected our rights but I still have hope that the tide will finally turn for us and that the prime minister will honor his word."...Continue reading...

   Prime Minister Trudeau's first act as Prime minister: Montreal will be allowed to dump eight billion litres of sewage into the Saint-Lawrence River. Montreal sewage dump

Also see... Liberals OK 8 Billion Litre Raw Sewage Dump Into River. Largest Oil Spill Ever was 1.3 Billion Liters. The St-Lawrence River – home to 49 species of fish, and currently – a seemingly no-win scenario.[link]

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