Thursday, March 24, 2016

Why so few Christian refugees?

A half-burned image of Christ is seen at a Greek Orthodox church in Maaloula, Syria, an ancient Christian town northeast of Damascus. The U.S. on Thursday, March 17, joined the EU in declaring that ISIL is committing genocide against Christians and other minorities in Iraq and Syria. Pavel Golovkin / AP

Re: It’s open season on Mideast Christians, by Matthew Fisher, National Post, March 18.
   I’d like to express my best gratitude to Fisher for his great proclamation about the horrible state of the Christians and other minorities in the Middle East.
   There are many religions there: Christians with their different sects; Yazidis; Sabians — followers of John the Baptist; the Shabak and Durooz (Druze).
   ISIL and other extremists consider them infidels who should be converted or enslaved and killed.
   They are in devastated and hopeless situations now. They’ve lost their belongings, houses, dear ones and even their IDs were usurped from them.
   What I salute Mr. Fisher for is his honourable realization of Canadians’ careless and slow humanitarian reaction — especially the formal governmental attitude toward those afflicted aboriginals.
   I doubt that among all the 25,000 Syrian immigrants who arrived in Canada, and to become 50,000 according to rumours, only a few or no peaceful Christians or Yazidis are among them.

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