Wednesday, March 23, 2016

How the poster bear of climate change has been used and science abused by alarmists for their own gain and profit—and why.

                                                Polar Bears are thriving!
by J.D. King

Here's why we're doing this: If the "consensus" of mass media and big politics have been twisting the polar bear story for their own gain, then why should we trust them with something far more complicated, like global climate change?
Did you know there are reports that...
  • Polar bears actually represent one of the greatest wildlife conservation success stories? 
  • There are around 3-5 times the number of polar bears today than there were 50-100 years ago?
  •  Arctic sea ice grew by a third in 2013 while Antarctic ice extent is at an all-time high so that there is now practically the same global ice coverage as there was when scientists first began monitoring it in 1979?
  • When the Arctic does experience a warmer than average summer, seals do better, which in turns means the following winter polar bears do better because of an increased food supply?
  • When and where summer ice has melted sooner in the Arctic, the bears, instead of decreasing like predicted, have remained stable or are increasing in those areas?
  •  Polar bears have lived through at least three interglacial periods with climate much warmer than it is today?
  • It's actually thick spring ice that can cause harm to polar bears, more than a decrease of summer ice?...Read more>>

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