Wednesday, April 27, 2016

2 Canadian hostages in Philippines

   You can ascribe any number of trigger warnings to Monday’s gruesome news involving two Canadian hostages in the Philippines.
   A deadline arrived. A ransom did not. And thus did the militants of Abu Sayyaf make real the threat to behead expat Calgarian John Ridsdel in a manner so repugnant as to be unworthy of repeating here.
A trigger of devastation for his many friends and family, including none other than former Ontario premier Bob Rae, who knew Ridsdel, 68, since college. When the news broke, a deeply anguished Rae disclosed his months of ultimately fruitless involvement in back-channel efforts to negotiate freedom for his friend.
    A trigger of deepening dread for the well-being of fellow Canadian captive Robert Hall, 50, who remains in the grip of the Jihadist group, alongside a Norwegian man and a Filipino woman. All were snatched up last September in an audacious raid from a holiday resort in the southern Philippine island of Samal. Random hostages, by all accounts...

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