Friday, April 15, 2016

Loretta Lynn is an 83-year-old badass

Sony Legacy

   Loretta Lynn is an 83-year-old badass. For proof, hear the legendary Coal Miner's Daughter reinterpret one of her earliest singles, "Fist City." Lynn sings the tune, originally penned in 1968, with renewed conviction on her aptly titled new album, Full Circle, tossing off lyrics about clobbering a rival for her lover's heart with steadfast and sly self-assurance. She's also fearless enough to cover longtime Willie Nelson classic "Always On My Mind," in a version that rivals the original, before featuring her fellow octogenarian on not his own song, but instead the closing track "Lay Me Down" (penned by obscure scribe Mark Marchetti), upstaging the Red-Headed Stranger all the while. Her confidence and sense of fun is palpable throughout the 14 track set of timeless Americana. May we all be so fiery at 83.

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