Monday, April 18, 2016

Soldiers of Odin, Europe’s Notorious Anti-Immigration Group, Beginning to Form Cells in Canada

    They sat in the centre of the poorly lit bar when we walked in.
   We had been instructed to meet at Cranberries Lounge in the Edmonton Radisson Hotel for 7 PM. The group was twelve or so strong, with about half of the crew wearing shirts with the insignia of a Norse man with a Canadian flag for a beard.
   Emblazoned on the front, with a biker-like design, was "SOO."
   The two of us were the last to arrive and after shaking hands with the leader, a man named William, he called for the meeting to move over to the pool table.
   It was time to introduce the newbies to the established members of the Edmonton chapter of the Soldiers of Odin.
   The international group has been described as everything from a far-right vigilante group and neo-Nazis—two descriptions they actively dispute—to heroes keeping the streets clean. Despite its historic name, the club has a very short history, forming in October of 2015 in the small northern Finnish town of Kemi as a response to an influx of migrants. It's since expanded to many more towns and countries across Europe...Continue reading...

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