Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Most birdsong so 'delightful' composers from Vivaldi to Beethoven to Wagner to Charlie “Bird” Parker have 'sampled' it

By Tom Mills
SAULT STE. MARIE - Spring has a soundtrack and it’s not Adele’s version of When the Red Red Robin Comes Bob Bob Bobbin’ Along.
It’s birdsong.
I’m not talking about those mundane and monosyllabic chirps you hear around the birdfeeder that translate into “food!” or “hawk!” or “you just pooped on my head!”
I’m talking about those delightful and sometimes elaborate larynx riffs trilled by our flitting feathered friends.
Those songs seem to echo and enhance our own elation that finally humans can shed our own coats of down.
So operatic are those avian arias that I’ve been known to set aside my springtime firewood-splitting chores and offer a “bravo!” or two.
Songbird chorales seem to happen only in spring...                                                                   Ganymed88

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