Sunday, August 7, 2016

Incredible “Day to Night” Photography

By Tim Urban
   I met Stephen Wilkes at the TED conference this year. He also did a talk at the conference, about an innovative kind of photography he’s become known for.
   Stephen creates what he calls “Day to Night” photographs by going to a beautiful or interesting place and planting himself in one spot for around 24 hours. Over that time, he’ll snap as many as 1,500 photographs of the same exact frame.
   When he’s done, he chooses the photos that he thinks captured the most special moments of the day and night—the greatest hits of the 24-hour period—and overlays them on top of one another to create one grand image. The end results are stunning, and by staring at one for a while, you can actually learn a lot about what goes on in that particular spot on the earth.
    My favorite is this one from Serengeti National Park in Tanzania...

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